15 Minutes Fat Blasting Abs Workout To Lose The Flab


Now that the holidays (which obviously run from Halloween to Valentine’s Day these days) are officially wrapped up and you’ve stuffed yourself with enough chocolate and candy to make you not want to see any of it for the next few months (or you know, days), it’s finally time to start focusing on YOU and your fitness goals!

Sure, you could join a gym and pay for a year-long membership that you’ll probably only use a handful of times, but why waste all that money when everything you need to get fit and healthy is available right at your fingertips?

After much trial and a little bit of error, I came across Grokker. This company seems to have just about everything you need to live a fit, healthy, and happy life – Whether you’re looking for an intense HIIT workout, a relaxing and restorative yoga session, or you can’t figure out what to feed your family for dinner on any given night that’s actually made with real foods, they’ve got what you’re looking for (willpower, however, is not included and will need to come from your end).

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But who needs willpower when there’s just so much variety?! There really is a workout for every person; for every mood; for every day. Today, we’re going to talk about one of their shortest yet efficient workouts – Fat Blasting Abs.

The workout is only fifteen minutes long, but I promise you that it’s an intense fifteen minutes (and let’s be honest here – You probably spend more time than that thinking about whether or not you want to drive all the way to the gym). The good news is that once these brutal fifteen minutes of working out are over, you’re left with a huge sense of accomplishment and a whole lot of energy.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete the workout:

  • Workout clothes
  • A yoga mat if you’re on a floor that has a hard surface
  • A yoga block (optional) to make the workout more intense. This is the one I use because it’s made of 100% renewable cork and I’m all about using sustainable materials when possible.
  • A water bottle for when your workout is complete – You’re going to need it!

The Workout

Here’s the full video workout, although if you feel that it’s going a bit fast (especially when you do the workout for the first time), just follow the instructions below. We’ll take you through it step by step.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what the fifteen minutes will look like:

Quick Yoga Warm Up

1 - Quick Yoga Warmup

Duration: 90 seconds. Stretches various muscles to help get your body ready for what’s to come!

Jog in Place

2- Jog in place

Duration: 45 seconds. Gets your heart rate up and warms up your muscles.


3 - Crunches

Duration: 45 Seconds. This is where you really start to feel those stomach muscles of yours working.

Jumping Jacks

4 - Jumping jacks

Duration: 45 seconds. Keeps that heart rate up and uses all the muscles in your body.


5 - Rockettes

Duration: 45 seconds. By now, you should definitely start to feel like you’re getting a decent workout.


6 - Burpees

Duration: 45 seconds. I know a ton of people that detest doing burpees, but I personally love them! If you’re one of the folks that can’t stand them, take comfort in the fact that you won’t even be doing them for a full minute and plow through it!

Flutter Kicks

7 - Flutter Kicks

Duration: 45 seconds. You’re definitely going to feel this one (in a good way!). And hey – You’re officially halfway done!

Mountain Climbers

8 - Mountain climbers

Duration: 45 seconds. If you haven’t worked out in a while, this is about where you feel like taking a break. Just keep plugging away at it – You’re almost finished!

Butt Lifts

9 - Butt lifts

Duration: 45 seconds. What good is a flat tummy if you’ve got yourself a flabby butt? This exercise helps tighten you up in all the right places.

Split Jumps

10 - Split jumps

Duration: 90 seconds (45 seconds for each leg). This one is great for people that don’t have good balance. The more you do it, the better balanced you’ll be!

Side Planks

11 - Side planks

Duration: 90 seconds (45 seconds each side). This looks a lot more relaxing than it actually is. At this point, your body is going to be begging you to just lay down if you haven’t worked out in a while. Resist the urge and use that willpower we were talking about earlier – Just a few more minutes and you’ll be done!

Squat Jumps

12 - Squat jumps

Duration: 45 Seconds. Your legs will be shaking, your heart will be racing, and your stomach will be feeling as though you’ve just spent the last three hours doing sit-ups. This is where you really want to keep your form in mind to avoid injuring yourself.

Plank Hops

13 - Plank hops

Duration: 45 seconds. Again, watch that form (even if your body is doing everything it can to make it easier – and it probably will – it’s not worth hurting yourself over). This is the last exercise of the workout, so give it everything you’ve got and finish strong!

Cool Down

14 - Cool down

Duration: 90 seconds. Helps your muscles recover and leaves you feeling energized and ready to take on the world (or you know, the laundry. Whatever.)!

There! That doesn’t look so bad, does it? And it only took fifteen minutes! Next, you’re going to want to feed your muscles so that they can recover properly. This is another thing I like about Grokker – Most internet fitness ‘companies’ leave you on your own when it comes to the nutritional aspect of a happy, healthy life. Not here – Grokker even has videos for meal planning! Healthy, nutritious food that will feel your mind, body, and soul. The old adage is definitely true to some extent – The better you eat, the better you’ll feel.

And we’ve got good news! By using the link listed below, you can get unlimited Grokker videos for 30 days for less than what one cup of coffee costs at a coffee shop! That’s their fitness, yoga, and healthy eating videos – You’ve got nothing to lose except for the winter blues and that extra holiday weight.

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I know that I felt pretty good after doing the workout (and since I’d been slacking on my fitness the last little while I could feel it for a couple of days afterward too, but it was definitely worth it!), and I’d also love to hear your personal experience – If you do the workout above, please let me know what you think about it (and how you were feeling afterward) in the comments section below! If you use Grokker, what’s your favorite video? I’m always looking for something new and fun to try!

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15 Minute Fat Blasting Abs Workout

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