5 Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Recipes To Keep You Warm This Winter


There’s nothing like a hot chocolate to warm you to the core when its freezing cold outside. But what if you have a dairy allergy or intolerance?. We have five amazingly delicious dairy-free hot chocolate recipes for you – because yes, you can make hot chocolate without dairy.

These dairy-free hot chocolate recipes are both delicious and easy to make. And, I can promise you one thing – they’re soo much better than any store-bought alternative. Obviously, they’re also chalked full of healthy ingredients!

5 Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect For The Cold Season

Before you take a peek at these amazing dairy-free hot chocolate recipes, you should know they’re also vegan and contain only healthy fats and natural sweeteners. So except for the high sugar content (even natural sugar is still sugar) and obviously calories, you can occasionally enjoy one of these decadent drinks knowing they’re made only with healthy, quality ingredients.

Vegan Superfood Hot Chocolate With Maca

Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Recipes

Just look at this frothy, chocolatey goodness! It’s the perfect way to reap the health benefits of maca powder and takes about 5 minutes to make – no special equipment needed.

Full recipe here.

Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Recipes

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and I think this recipe is perfect to celebrate your love with that special someone. This is a new take on white hot chocolate thanks to the delicate strawberry flavor. Even though it doesn’t contain any cocoa or chocolate, it is made with cocoa butter, which gives it a subtle chocolatey flavor.

Full recipe here.

Simple Vegan Hot Chocolate

vegan hot chocolate recipes

I realized my selection includes mostly ‘fancy’ hot chocolate recipes, so I needed to add one that’s a more traditional recipe, but customizable nonetheless. This makes a great basic hot chocolate that you can enjoy by itself or add various flavors (suggestions are included in the original post) to enhance it.

Full recipe here.

Healing Tahini Hot Chocolate

Gluten-Free Hot Chocolate Recipes

This is a really spicy and flavorful hot chocolate recipe. If you love sesame, then you’re also going to love the cocoa and tahini combo. But wait….there’s more! The recipe also includes turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger so if you want to take your hot chocolate to the next level, be bold and give this one a try.

Full recipe here.

Hot Chocolate Peppermint Shots

OK, I saved the best for last. Who’s ready for #adulting? When it’s freezing cold outside nothing will warm you like this decadent hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps. And if you skip all the pretty decorations you can make it in a jiffy.

Full recipe here.

I hope you will try at least one of these dairy-free hot chocolate recipes and if you’re not lactose intolerant you can use cow’s milk to replace the non-dairy milk types used in these recipes.

Which one’s your favorite and do you have other homemade dairy-free hot chocolates you can recommend?

Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Recipes