5 Easy Makeup Tips To Highlight Hazel Eyes


Oh, the gorgeous hazel eyes. Some people might mistake them with brown eyes but the hazel shade is quite different. Also, hazel eyes have many colors inside, which makes them both unique and interesting. If you’re looking to highlight your hazel eyes using clever makeup techniques, we have some awesome tips for you!

Truth be told, all eye colors are beautiful in their own way, but makeup definitely helps us make them pop. Like for any eye color you can easily highlight hazel eyes using a few simple makeup tricks.

5 Quick Makeup Tips To Highlight Hazel Eyes

makeup tips to highlight hazel eyes

Before we begin, I’m going to assume you already have a basic collection of makeup, but even if you don’t no need to worry. You don’t need too much to make your hazel eyes pop. In fact, it’s better to keep your makeup collection as small as you need to. Like all cosmetic products, makeup has a limited shelf life and you’re going to be throwing a lot of unused or barely used items which is a waste of money.

Use the ‘invisible eyeliner’ technique

This is an excellent method if you want to adopt the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look but it can complement even a dramatic evening look. All you need to do is to gently apply a soft pencil eyeliner on your upper waterline (yes on the inside of the lid).

It might seem a bit extreme, but it’s totally safe if you use gentle strokes and your hazel eyes will pop, but in a beautiful, subtle manner.

Create a soft smokey eye

There are probably thousands of smokey eye tutorials on the web, but for your hazel eyes you should choose a look that uses a lot of blending (you don’t want any harsh lines) and soft brown colors – somewhere near a latte is just perfect.

Of course, the choice of eye shadow color also depends on how light your skin is. For a light complexion, you should choose a lighter shade of brown, while those with dark skin can use a richer, and more deep shade of brown.

Highlight your inner eye corners

Actually, this tip works for any eye color! All you need to do is apply a dab of light and shimmery eye shadow – it doesn’t need to be pure white, ivory and champagne also work.

This will lighten up your eyes and it’s also a wonderful trick when you’re tired and you want to look more rested.

Go easy with the eyeliner

The ‘invisible eyeliner’ technique I just explained is safe as it doesn’t leave any harsh lines. In general, it’s ok to have perfectly defined lines on the upper eyelid but you should blend the eyeliner traces on the lower lashline. Having a more subtle line on the lower lashline will highlight your hazel eyes perfectly, regardless if you want a day-to-day look or you’re looking to create a vibrant evening makeup.

Also, you should skip the black eyeliner and choose brown colors – these also soften up the eye makeup with no additional effort on your part.

Avoid too much blue

Maybe blue looks good on you, but not when it comes to your hazel eyes. It doesn’t mean you can’t use any kind of blue make-up, but don’t use it on the entire eyelid. You can have a small pop of color on the inner or outer corners of the eyes which is a tasteful way to wear colorful makeup without overdoing it.

What do you do to highlight your hazel eyes (makeup or no makeup)? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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