5 Foods that can help you burn belly fat


Unlike many people might think, there is no magical food that will help you burn fat while you just sit back and relax. However, there are foods that can be significantly helpful if you work out regularly to lose or maintain your weight.

Adopting a low fat or low calorie diet combined with physical exercise can result in losing both fat and muscle tissue if you don’t provide the right nutrients to your organism. Here are some of the best foods that will help you burn fat more effectively while maintaining your muscle mass:


Yogurt fans are lucky people: if you’re the type that gets calcium mostly from yogurt then you’re off to a good start. The probiotics (live “good” bacteria) helps the human body absorb valuable nutrients better during digestion.

However, pay attention to the type of yogurt you buy and go for the plain yogurt without added sugar.


Eggs are one of the most valuable sources of proteins. Proteins are not just essential to preserve and gain muscle; they also make us feel fuller for a longer period of time, reducing our appetite.

Start your day with eggs and you’ll get the perfect balance of amino acids and enough energy to do your chores.

Pork ChopsPork chops

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the health effects of pork meat consumption. The truth is, eating 170 grams of pork chops may help you maintain your muscular mass while dieting. The most important thing is you use a healthy method for cooking meat without adding extra fat.

Also, pork chops are very rich in selenium, a mineral that can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Cup of coffeeCoffee

Coffee will not just give you an energy boost. Studies have shown that caffeine also boosts your metabolism, specifically the burning of fat.

Of course, too much coffee can be harmful so try not to drink more than two cups of coffee a day.

Raw salmonSalmon

Because salmon is very rich in fats it may not sound like the ideal food during a weight-loss program. The Omega-3 fatty acids contained by salmon actually boost fat loss and help you remain healthy during low-calorie diets.

If you’re not particularly fond of fish there are other good sources of essential fatty acids such as soybeans, flaxseed, canola and grass fed beef.