6 One-Minute Time Management Tricks That Increase Your Productivity


    It would be nice if the day had a bunch more hours in it than it already does. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case anytime soon so we may as well make the most of the time we do have, right?

    Right, but more often than not that’s easier said than done. Productivity is important, so important that there’s already a whole bunch of productivity producing articles available on the internet; the thing is, though they usually take a whole bunch of time to read and even longer to implement.

    So we’re going to save you a ton of time here and make you more productive in less than 6 minutes – Each of these one-minute time management tricks will take you less than a minute to implement, leaving you with 1434 other minutes today to use up as you please!

    Turn Off Your Alerts

    one-minute time management tricks

    I don’t care if they’re for emails, text messages, or reminders to watch your favourite TV show – Those alerts going off distract you just long enough to shift your focus. Once your focus has shifted, it takes some time to get it back to where it was again.

    The solution? Check your phone or computer for alerts between tasks; take care of anything pressing immediately, but leave the rest for later.

    Make Lists!

    If you don’t have a to-do list, make one; they make your life so much simpler and more organized. Even if you already have a to-do list, you likely don’t have a ‘waiting on’ list,

    Can’t solidify lunch plans with your sister next week until she gets back to you with her schedule? Put it on the list so that you don’t forget and make alternate arrangements.

    Set Daily Goals

    I don’t mean things that you feel you need to accomplish before the next 24 hours are over; every day, I want you to set three outcome goals (aka results you’d like to see). The mind is a very powerful thing; it’s more likely to give you the outcome you want if you believe that it’s going to happen.

    Work On Pomodoro Time

    The pomodoro technique is super easy to follow and allows you to break your seemingly hectic day into more manageable chunks – For 25 solid minutes, you get rid of any and all distractions and focus strictly on the task at hand before taking a five-minute break. Repeat the process two more times, then work for 25 more minutes before taking a 15+ minute break.

    To read more about how exactly the technique works, click here.

    Schedule Time For Energy

    This one might sound a little ridiculous, but it actually works. The truth is you can’t focus when you’re starving for energy, so if there’s a particular person or place that replenishes your focus and energy unlike any other, it might be time to schedule a visit.

    Take Breaks

    You might think that taking a bunch of breaks is the exact opposite of being productive, but I’d argue that taking frequent but short breaks has made me a far more productive person, personally – Instead of wasting hours down the rabbit hole that is YouTube, I get some water and stretch my legs; by the time my minute-long break is over, I’m ready to get back to whatever I was doing with fresh eyes and a newfound energy burst.

    What other one-minute time management tricks are you using to make sure your days are as productive as possible? Let us know in the comments section below!