7 Easy Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair


Have you seen those sleek hairstyles runway models often wear? Those only look good on few women, so for the most part, us ladies want more hair volume not less, right? Regardless of your type of hair, there are some easy ways to add volume to your hair.

In fact, they’re much easier than you probably expected! No need to be a professional stylist. Let’s get through the cold season with perfect, bouncy locks, shall we?

X Easy Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

Without further ado, here are some of the best ways to add volume to your hair with minimal effort.

Wash well, but not often

These days, a lot of women (and men) wash their hair too often. This can quickly lead to an imbalance at scalp level resulting in dandruff, itchiness, and increased oil production…..but it can also make your hair look flat and lifeless.

Even the mildest shampoo is still too rough on your hair if you’re washing it 5-7 times a week. Keep at least 3 days between washing sessions. There are better and healthier ways to give your hair more volume than washing it every day.

The ACV rinse

In many parts of the world, tap water is too hard, in more scientific words….it’s too alkaline. A while back I wrote a detailed post about how hard water can affect your hair, but also how you can save it with a simple apple cider vinegar rinse (especially when a performant water filter doesn’t fit into your budget).

Long story short, hard water makes it difficult for soap to dissolve and over time it can weigh down your hair. A mild ACV solution can remove mineral deposits from your hair, thus also makes it look fuller and shinier.

Dry it the right way

ways to add volume to your hair

To give your hair more volume you can dry it upside down….but truthfully I’ve never been a fan of this method. To achieve the same effect use one hand to pull hair strands upwards while pointing the blow dryer at the roots. Easy, peasy!

Curl it

If your hair looks full right after washing but tends to flatten within a day, take that curling iron or even the flat iron (if you know how to use it for this purpose) and give yourself some light curls. Alternate the curling direction from one hair strand to the next – this prevents them from sticking together and of course, it gives loads of volume!

Dry shampoo is your best friend

To keep your hair as clean looking as possible between washing sessions, use your favorite dry shampoo. Or if you’re a frugal girl like me, massage some cornstarch (which is the best and simplest all natural dry shampoo) at the roots and blow dry it away after a few minutes.

Get bangs

Does your hair tend to lie flat on the forehead? Don’t be afraid to choose a hairstyle with bangs. If you’re afraid of having your forehead completely covered, go for side bangs. Shorter hair will always have more volume.

Choose a layered hairstyle

How you cut your hair also matters when it comes to volume, especially for long hair that usually flattens under its own weight. A layered hairstyle definitely takes some of that weight off, and it can help your hair preserve its volume between washings without too much effort.

I’ve always been on a quest of keeping my hair look full (well, not like Peggy Bundy, but you get the idea). From my own experience, the above techniques are the easiest ways to add volume to your hair. However, I’m dying to find out other methods, so what are you doing to get fuller locks?

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