7 Skincare Mistakes That Can Worsen Acne


Let’s face it, we all want radiant, beautiful skin and we try our best to keep it that way. But sometimes, unknowingly we sabotage our own efforts. If we are talking about acne-prone skin, it’s very easy to get it wrong. Here are 7 of the most common skincare mistakes that can worsen acne.

There is a high chance you are already doing on or more of these on a daily basis, so we’ll also tell you what to do instead.

Common Skincare Mistakes That Can Worsen Acne

Acne-prone skin has special needs and if we were to compare the lists of do’s and dont’s, the second one is also the long one. It can also be extremely difficult to find suitable cosmetic products that your skin tolerates, and sadly there is no miracle solution to such a problem since each of us (and our skin) have different needs.

However, there are several skincare mistakes that can worsen acne, and many people are unaware of them. If you’re doing any of these we urge you to stop.

skincare mistakes that can worsen acne1.Roughly cleansing acne-prone skin

Over-scrubbing and over-cleansing can do more harm than good. Our skin has a protective layer of proteins and lipids that keep the moisture in and the impurities and acne-causing bacteria out.

Aggressive scrubbing and cleansing can damage that protective layer and increase irritation. Over-scrubbing can also help spread the acne-causing bacteria from the affected area on your entire face. It is recommended to use a non-irritating, PH-balanced cleanser in your daily routine and gently scrub your skin once a week.

2.Drying out your skin

…in an attempt to control acne and oil. This mistake is somehow related to the previous one. We blame sebum for our break-outs and we forget that it has an important role in our skin’s flexibility and pliability. Using harsh soap can lead to excessive dryness of your skin, but the opposite result is also possible: your skin produces more and more sebum because you are irritating the sebaceous glands. So try to maintain a balance and use a gentle cleanser fit for your skin type.

3.Not using moisturizer

Another mistake we often make when caring for acne-prone skin is skipping the moisturizer because we feel our skin is shiny or oily. After washing our skin loses some level of moisture, no matter the product we use.

Some products used in acne treatment can also produce skin dryness, so it is very important to moisturize your skin. There are special products for oily skin that can keep the optimal levels of hydration and not clog the pores.

4.Squeezing pimples

Admit it, you did it at least once. And once you start doing it, it is hard to stop. But squeezing, popping and poking one’s pimples only makes the situation worse, contrary to what we commonly believe.Squeezing pimples can spread the infection, can increase the healing time and also leave scars. I would say those are some pretty strong arguments, wouldn’t you?

Squeezing pimples can spread the infection, can increase the healing time and also leave scars. I would say those are some pretty strong arguments, wouldn’t you?

5.Dabbing acne medication only on pimples

The acne medication is supposed to work in 2 ways: it helps healing the existing breakouts and prevents new ones to appear. So, you have to apply the product(s) on the entire affected area, because spot-treatment isn’t as effective for obvious reasons.

skincare mistakes that can worsen acne6. Inconsistent use of acne medication

You can’t expect to have visible results in your acne treatment if you don’t use it as instructed. If you apply it once in awhile, or when you think the problem is worse of course it won’t be effective. The same goes for over-using it too. On the contrary, trying to compensate by over-applying can lead to irritated and dry skin. Skin can only absorb or utilize a certain amount of the product’s active ingredients, that is why you should apply it correctly. You have to be consistent and patient in order to get the desired results.

7.Choosing the Wrong Products for Acne-Prone Skin

I think the first step in taking good care of your skin is to know your skin type. Knowing that can prevent you from choosing the wrong products. A good product is not always the most expensive one, or the most famous, but the one that suits your skin. Choose gentle cleansers, ‘acne-prone skin’, ‘non-comedogenic’ products. Non-comedogenic means they don’t have ingredients that clog pores.

Keep in mind your lifestyle is also reflected on your skin. Having a balanced life, enough sleep, optimal hydration and a proper diet can make a difference in your skin health and aspect.

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