9 Things that can make you irresistible


Have you ever met someone you liked in an instant and then liked them even more as you got to know them better? Some people have a certain appeal that makes everyone feel comfortable around them. Surprisingly, there is no secret recipe to be like that, but there are some things that can make you irresistible.

All irresistible people share some traits even though each of us has a unique personality.

9 Things that can make you irresistible

There’s nothing wrong if you want to become such a person. It doesn’t necessarily mean you feel the need to be in the spotlight at all times but I’m guessing each of us would enjoy being appreciated and liked by our loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues.

Things that can make you irresistible

What that said, here are 9 things all irresistible people have in common:

Be nice

I think no matter how good a person looks on the outside, their appearance can quickly become irrelevant if they’re full of themselves.

Irresistible people act natural but they’re also kind which is why everyone is so attracted to them.

Don’t underestimate yourself

While attractive people are always nice to everyone they also know their worth. It’s important to know your qualities and what you have to offer. This is what makes you confident and trustworthy in front of others.

Think positive

There’s nothing irresistible to being pessimistic or a drama queen. The attractive individual will always be optimistic and make everyone around feel good. In fact, this might be one of their most important traits – other people will always try to stay near them because they always know how to lift someone else’s spirit.

Make others feel comfortable

When you talk to someone you find irresistible you’ll realize you become more relaxed since they allow you to act natural and be yourself. Attractive people are not the judgy type and will focus on seeing the good in others, not the other way around.

Compliment others

Since irresistible people are the optimistic type but also confident, they’re not afraid to give compliments and share the credit when such is the case. They enjoy helping others and making them feel good about themselves.

Highlight your strengths

There’s a huge difference between always using statements such as “I would, I should, I try” versus more intentional language such as “I am, I do, I can”. Intentional language shows you’re a strong and confident person that knows what you’re doing and what you’re talking about. This also makes other people gravitate around you because you’re the unwavering individual that always shows determination.

Be a team player

Irresistible people are social individuals that might be perfectly able to carry out a task on their own but are also aware that often the results are much better when they collaborate with others. This is what also makes them successful people, more often than not.

Go the extra mile

It may be important to take a look at the big picture but the small, and apparently insignificant details also matter. Attractive people remember their best friend’s favorite food to bring when they visit, they always dress for the occasion and never go into a meeting without their homework done.This has nothing to do with perfection, instead irresistible people always make an effort which is heartwarming and inspirational.

This has nothing to do with perfection, instead irresistible people always make an effort which is heartwarming and inspirational.

Don’t try to seem invulnerable

Confidence has nothing to do with appearing bulletproof in front of everyone and attractive people know that. They’re not afraid to open up about their problems as this will also make the recipient share some of their unpleasant experiences and lead to a more meaningful, deeper connection.