The 90 Day SSS Plan: Shape, Shift & Sustain Your Weight Loss


I’m all about making lifestyle changes for better health and truth be told, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for achieving this. The Shape, Shift, Sustain diet may not bring anything revolutionary on the table, but it is a well laid-out plan which includes support for dieters.

Do I think it could work for some people? Absolutely. After all, some people appreciate receiving help when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle and the 90 Day SSS Plan certainly doesn’t lack in that department. In all honesty, you’re going to have to commit to weight-loss for life if you want the results to stick, which is far longer than just 90 days.

Anyway, I took an in-depth look at this plan so here’s what I found out and what I determined after my research. As always, you’re free to make your own decisions (we put these sorts of things up here so that you can learn for yourself what’s available out there, after all!); this is just what I think. I encourage you to read the article, do your own research, and then make an informed opinion yourself based on what you’ve learned.

The 90 day SSS (Shape, Shift, Sustain) Plan

What Is It?

Avocado saladThe 90 day SSS plan was created by a man named Joe Wicks. He’s a personal trainer with a degree in sports science, and he also happens to be an online nutritional coach (this might sound like it’s impressive, but it’s actually something anyone can do in a couple of months with some reading).

He claims that he was sick and tired of seeing people fail at low-calorie dieting (which by now we all know doesn’t work – Your body needs nutritionally dense calories to thrive!) and so he created a plan that would allow people to gain the knowledge to get a ‘lean, strong body without going hungry’. It claims to be the UK’s number one plan tailored to fat loss, and his website boasts that he and his plan have been responsible for more than 50, 000 transformations.

How It Works

It works in cycles, and there are three of them; one for each month that you’re on the plan. This includes both a nutritional plan with more than 150 recipes and a training plan that can apparently be carried out either at home or at the gym (depending on your personal preference) for each respective cycle.

Once you sign up for the plan, you’ll also get a dedicated ‘support hero’ that’s supposed to be available through email any time you need them (although something tells me that no one’s ever available 24/7, and when you’re holding onto a tin of chocolate frosting at 4:30am and hoping for help, you may very well be on your own. Dramatic? Absolutely, but entirely plausible).

The Nutritional Plan

According to his website, Joe claims to perfectly match each nutrition plan (remember, you get three) to your body’s individual needs and energy demands. But with that said, simply signing up for the program gives you access to more than 150 set recipes and hundreds of ingredient combinations that you can go through using what he refers to as the ‘Pick-n-Mix Principal’ (which is supposed to be helpful for picky eaters).

What kinds of foods can you expect to be eating while you’re following this nutritional plan? Things like protein pancakes, cashew curries, cheesy pastas, and something he calls build up bagels (which I’m going to assume is more protein than anything). The foods are supposed to be interchangeable (and there are vegetarian alternatives, but no vegan from what I can tell) and it doesn’t have a strict structure, which can be perfect for people that are always busy.

There’s also a supplement guide with discount codes available, but he says that this part of the plan is optional.

The Workout Plan

Fit womanThe workout plan is also broken down into cycles. In cycle one you’ll focus on HIIT training, but unless you’re someone that really enjoys doing fairly intense cardio on a regular basis I feel like you could get bored of it pretty quick – Long before the month is up.

Cycle two begins to introduce strength training to shape your physique and up your muscle mass (which of course will help you burn more fat). Cycle three is all about sustaining the results you’ve created over the last two months and carrying them with you for the rest of your lifetime.

So… What’s The Problem?

There’s nothing actually wrong with anything in this plan. My problems are:

  • It’s only tailored for three months (I’m sure that maybe you have access to the menu plans after that – or at the very least you could print them out before your time is up – but I bet that email support drops after that).


  • It’s costly. You’re probably already going to have to pay for foods that you don’t usually keep in your house, and although he does say that he’ll cater to allergies and illness, the ingredients will have to be used as stated (otherwise it’s not ‘his plan’ etc.).
  • He asks for pictures and measurements in addition to the ‘lifestyle questionnaire’ he has you fill out when you sign up. Measurements I can understand, but pictures?  He claims that they’ll remain confidential unless you give permission for sharing, but in today’s world you can just never be sure. This could definitely be a problem if you’re a private person like I am.
  • He alters your caloric intake based on your progress. This isn’t so bad (which is why it’s the last on the list) but it does have the potential to be dangerous. He’s not a doctor, and he never actually sees you (aside from the pictures you send him, of course).

Is It Safe?

I think this one really depends on who you are and how well you know your body. From what I can see, the nutritional and workout plans are absolutely fine and sustainable for the average person (and although a nutritional coach isn’t a nutritionist, most of them aren’t stupid either).

I would say that if you decide that you’re going to try out this plan, you’re really going to need to listen to your body (After all, it knows you better than anyone else does!). If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not.

Please see your doctor before starting any diet to ensure that you’re in good health.

Does It Work?

There are some people out there that need some help when it comes to being guided in the right direction diet-wise. For those people, having the support of someone that has an idea of what they’re doing can be great! But everything he’s charging for is already available for free (mostly, anyway), and there are a ton of meal planning charts that can do the same thing as his nutritional plan does.

Nothing will ever replace clean eating and an active lifestyle, no matter how much popular it is.


I’m likely starting to sound like a broken record by now, but I think diets are just the starting point (although optional) on the path to long-term weight loss. If you’re new to the whole healthy eating thing and need a little guidance, by all means try out this diet (or any of the other ones we’ve reviewed for that matter). Educate yourself as much as you can, and then ultimately strive to just live better. Happiness will follow shortly thereafter.

Have you tried out the SSS Plan or a similar type? What were your expectations before starting? Did you see results? Let us know all about it in the comments section below – We always love hearing our reader’s firsthand experiences!

The 90 DAY SSS Plan

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