Aerial Yoga: When Yoga Defies Gravity


Looking at the picture you might think this is a Cirque du Soleil representation, but it’s actually one of the latest types of Yoga. Aerial Yoga also known as AntiGravity Yoga combines old traditions with a special hammock used to achieve classic poses.

It might seem dangerous at first sight. In fact you’ll only be a few inches off the ground. The hammock’s main purpose is to fully or partially sustain body weight as you go through asanas.

Aerial King Pidgeon Pose
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Aerial Yoga comes with all the benefits of a traditional yoga class, meaning it will improve your balance and flexibility as well as strengthen your muscles. However, Aerial Yoga also mixes in some moves from Pilates, dance and calisthenics making the workout more varied.

An extra benefit you can get through this new and increasingly popular workout is great for relieving and preventing back pain. Because of the hammock you can hang freely, which allows the spine to decompress.

If you are already a Yoga practitioner, you’ll find many classic poses incorporated in Aerial yoga classes, but also some new ones. Nevertheless, you don’t need to know anything about Yoga to join an Aerial Yoga class. Moreover, there are classes of various difficulties and some are specifically created for beginners to get accustomed to the techniques and poses but also steadily increase their fitness level.

Hanging in that hammock might seem pretty scary, but it’s actually very safe. Those hammocks are designed to support up to 2000 lbs and the hardware used to attach them to the ceiling is mountain-climbing rated.

Joining an Aerial Yoga class for the first time it’s best to be as relaxed as possible and listen to your instructor. Be prepared for some inverting and spinning so if you’re the type that gets dizzy easily, maybe this is not your workout.

Aerial Yoga class

Aerial Yoga is generally safe, however pregnant women and people with glaucoma or high blood pressure should stay away from these classes or at least ask for a doctor’s advice before joining.

You might enjoy Aerial Yoga even if you’re not a fan of traditional Yoga, since it gives it a new spin and mixes new and old poses in a fun, challenging workout.