The ‘AM To PM’ Daily Detox Routine Your Body Is Begging For


Winter certainly has it’s own appeal, at least when there’s snow outside and everything looks pure and white, but if you’re one of those people that seems to get sick religiously around this time of year (even though you’re relatively healthy any other time) the lack of self-care could actually be the culprit.

We’ve already shared quite a few different detoxing methods with you, but right now you probably don’t want to waste time searching for them. That’s why I figured we’d show you what an entire day of detoxing looks like.

That’s right – From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, you could actually be making sure that your body is getting rid of all the nastiness that it accumulates (because even if you’re super careful with what you’re ingesting and putting on your body, you just can’t help the environmental elements that can wreak havoc on your system) over any given day.

If you’re able to follow this routine seven days a week that’s awesome, but it’s just not going to be possible for a vast number of people. So even if you can only follow this schedule one day a week (or incorporate one or two things even) you’re doing well, but the more time you can dedicate to helping your body get rid of the grossness that is toxins the better.

Daily Detox Ritual (From Morning To Night)

AM To PM Daily Detox Routine

Step One: Get Up Early

Waking up earlyBefore the invention of TV, cell phones, and the internet, people rose and set with the sun. Our bodies are naturally in tune with nature, it just doesn’t feel like it a lot of the time because we now have all kinds of different devices at our disposal to keep us entertained (or at the very least occupied) long after we’re meant to be sleeping.

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Step one of this process is getting to bed at a reasonable time so that you can wake up relatively early without feeling as though you’re going to die. A good rule of thumb is to turn off all of your electronic devices a half hour to hour before you plan to be asleep. If you need noise, try a guided meditations developed specifically for sleep.

Step Two: Head For The Washroom

After laying down in a (hopefully) blissful sleeping state for the last eight hours or so, your body is going to be more than ready to eliminate the wasteful products it accumulated the day before (after all, our bodies are pretty pro at getting rid of nasty’s and rejuvenating while we sleep the night away). Head for the washroom as soon as you open your eyes to prevent a backflow of toxins.

If you have issues emptying your bowels as first don’t worry, simply sit there for a little while each day (roughly fifteen minutes should do the trick) and eventually your body will figure out what you’re asking of it.

Step Three: Oil Pulling

Coconut oilNow that you’ve rid your body of some toxins, it’s time to get rid of that gnarly morning breath! This is my favourite part of the day because your mouth just feels simply amazing when you’re finished! We did write a quick post on how the whole thing works last year and you can see detailed instructions on how to do it here.

Oil pulling is a great alternative to flossing, especially if you have next to no space in between your teeth (like me). It’s also a fantastic natural whitener with regular use, though how much whiter your teeth get will vary person to person. The process will help get rid of bacteria that’s stored in your mouth while you sleep, so it’s important to do this before eating, drinking, or even brushing your teeth.

Step Four: Tongue Scraping

The coconut oil is great for getting everything out from between your teeth, and even without the added tongue scraping you’ll feel like you have an incredibly clean mouth. But even the magic oil isn’t able to rid your mouth of absolutely everything, which is why it’s important to factor this in as well.

I use a tongue scraper similar to this one. I like the copper because it’s antibacterial and has lasted me for years (because it’s copper I do need to clean the oxidation off with some lemon juice every once in a while, but it’s not a big deal).

It does however leave a slightly metallic taste in the mouth, so I’m considering investing in a surgical steel one instead. Regardless of which type of tongue scraper you use, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how clean and fresh your mouth feels after using it (especially if you’re someone that suffers from bad breath – You won’t be suffering anymore!).

Step Five: Brush Your Teeth

I know it seems like a lot of work on just your mouth in the morning by this point, but oral hygiene is incredibly important. Personally I use a toothpaste that I make myself (consisting of coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils), but any natural toothpaste will do.

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Make sure that you’re brushing every tooth in your head thoroughly and that you’re getting the back as well as the front. You also need to be mindful that you don’t brush too hard. Focusing on this seemingly simple task can actually be quite relaxing!

Step Six: Drink A Glass Of Water

You likely haven’t had any water since before you went to bed. Now that your mouth is nice and clean and you’re not going to be swallowing all of that bad bacteria, it’s time to rehydrate! Plain water is fine if that’s all you can tolerate (or if you’ve used a mint toothpaste), but adding lemon to it can carry a ton of benefits.

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Step Seven: Sun Salutations

Sun salutationSun salutations – referred to as Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit – are important for getting yourself in the right mind frame to tackle whatever the day is about to throw at you. It’s true that I’m a huge fan of yoga and I try to find the time to practice whenever I can, but even when I can’t find the time to do an hour and a half I do find the ten to twenty minutes it takes to complete the sun salutations.

I’ll do a post soon on the various benefits of this simple sequence eventually, but until then here’s a link to a YouTube video that will run you through the shorter version of the sequence step-by-step. Getting your body moving will help you further detox your system, so if you have the extra time you can feel free to throw a workout in here as well.

Step 8: Dry Brushing Your Skin

If you haven’t already invested in a dry skin brush, I suggest that you do so as soon as possible! Dry skin brushing is so incredibly beneficial for so many reasons (In fact, I rounded up seven of them in an article I wrote last year.

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From cold and flu prevention to better circulation and clearer skin, there’s very little that this amazing ritual doesn’t help with. It’s also a very inexpensive habit to pick up – You can get a dry skin brush almost anywhere for less than 20 bucks. Here’s one that’s very similar to the one I use personally.

Ideally you want to drag the process of dry brushing out for 15-20 minutes (and remember to always brush toward your heart. The article I linked to above describes what needs to happen for proper skin brushing more thoroughly), but even 5 minutes a day will yield great results if you’re being consistent.

Step Nine: Shower

I use SLS/SLES free shampoos and silicone free conditioner (oiling my ends with coconut oil of course) as well as an all-natural shower gel. Since you’ve just spent a whole bunch of time getting rid of toxic crap, you might want to consider doing the same (because again, why subject your body to unnecessary toxins – It gets enough of them elsewhere).

To be honest, we can all use a daily shower but skip the hair unless it’s actually oily and needs to be washed as too much stress from hot water, shampoo (even natural ones), hair dryers and other hot styling tools can damage it beyond repair.

Step Ten: Moisturize!

After getting rid of all that dead skin (and trust me when I tell you that there’s going to be a lot of it), you’re going to need to moisturize. I personally use coconut oil (of course) but there are tons of all-natural options available on the market. After all of the exfoliation and moisturizing, you’re going to be well on your way to feeling like a whole new person. And your day is just beginning!

You’re probably beginning to get hungry by now if you’re someone that eats in the morning, which brings me to the next step…

Step Eleven: Get Some Nutrients

Healthy breakfastIf you’re someone that eats breakfast on a daily basis, now’s the time to start getting your foods in. Because we’re focusing on a detox day, the cleaner you eat the better off you are. Think of healthy options such as a fruit bowl, a salad or a nutritious smoothie (preferably with some greens in it). If you’re someone that needs carbs first thing, opt for quinoa or steel cut oats instead of processed instant oatmeal.

If you’re not a fan of eating in the mornings (trust me, I get it), something as simple as a green detox smoothie will do the trick. The more nutritiously dense your morning ‘meal’ is, the better you’ll feel.

Step Twelve: Meditation

The more time you have to set aside for this the better, but even taking five simple minutes to get into the right frame of mind can make a huge difference in how the rest of your day ends up going. Meditation is made to look a lot more complicated than it actually is – Just take five minutes or so to clear your thoughts and reach a peaceful place. You’ll be left ready to tackle the day happily instead of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed before it even starts.

Step Thirteen: Get Through Your Day

There’s very little you’ll be able to do about the rushed deadlines and seemingly never ending stack of paperwork that seems to get bigger by the minute, but the nutritionally power packing lunch and snacks you put together should help you get through the worst of it. Whenever you’re feeling super overwhelmed, take two minutes to recollect yourself in meditation – It could be the difference between you solving a problem or blaming a co-worker.

Step Fourteen: Dinnertime!

There’s not much to say here. Just like with the rest of your meals, the cleaner you eat (think organic, grass fed, and whole food sources), the better you’re going to feel. Also, make sure to plan the last meal of the day at least 3 hours before bedtime. This way you won’t be starving when you go to sleep, but you won’t go to bed with a full stomach either (this can lower sleep quality among other unpleasant things).

Step Fifteen: Sweat It Out

Whenever I’m experiencing a completely overwhelming day, I grab the dog and take a long, long walk or sweat out my problems with a fitness video. If you’re serious about making physical activity a daily habit, but have no time (or the budget) to hit the gym several times a week I totally recommend Grokker’s yoga and fitness videos.

They have a huge collection of various types of workouts from bodyweight, yoga and HIIT to intense cardio routines that were designed to be performed at home. Personally, I’m a yoga fan and I’m enjoying Grokker’s yoga series very much, but there’s something in there for everyone.

They’re offering this as a service and they have a great offer right now: a 30-day workout plan for the low price of 1$. Click on the image below if you want to join the program or on this link to get a free 14-day trial.

30 Days of Transformation for $1

The physical activity not only helps you get rid of any lasting aggression you’re dealing with, but the process of your body sweating also helps you get rid of even more toxins. We’ve covered quite a few different ways to get active in our fitness section – Check it out and try a bunch of different methods so that you can find out which one is the most fun for you.

Step Sixteen: Take A Relaxing Detox Bath

Detox bathWho doesn’t love a good hot bath after a long day? Just hot water alone can usually relax your muscles, but if you really want to amp up the sore muscle and stress relief, all you need is a few extra ingredients (most of which you probably already have on hand).

Click here to read an article that I wrote last year on detox baths – Not only does it list everything you’ll need, it also gives you a great roundup of all of the benefits you’ll reap.

Step Seventeen: Blissful Sleep

After your nice long hot detox bath, you should feel relaxed enough to want to head to bed (use guided meditation or nature sounds to help if you need to). And then you can start the whole thing over again the following day!

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If you were to follow this routine seven days a week, there’s a good chance that you’d be the most relaxed, healthiest you there is! But I know that you’re a busy person and that it’s likely not going to happen (not overnight, anyway). So…

Start Slow

Obviously being able to follow the above routine to a tee every day would be ideal, but it’s just not possible for a whole lot of people. So even if you can only start with one or two things on this list and then incorporate the rest of the points over time, it’s better than nothing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your new healthy life won’t be either.

Things To Keep In Mind

If you’ve never done any form of detoxing before, there’s always a chance that your body getting rid of a whole bunch of crap at one time can make you feel ill. If you experience cold and/or flu like symptoms within the first couple of days of your first detox effort, consider it normal.  When you’re done feeling sick, you’re going to feel amazing!

If you’re pregnant, have high blood pressure, or suffer from heart disease you should definitely consult with your medical and/or holistic professional before detoxing in any way.

What sorts of things do you do to rid your body of built up toxins? Would you add anything to the above list? We always love hearing what our readers have to say, so let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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