5 Amazing Aquafaba Dessert Recipes For Vegans


A short while ago, my previously ignorant self learned about aquafaba, the perfect vegan egg-white replacement. It turns out, the water in which canned chickpeas are sitting and we usually throw away, behaves just like egg whites and deserves a special place in any vegan’s diet. Today I’m sharing some amazing aquafaba dessert recipes for vegans, which I think you will be thrilled to try.

Why? you might ask. Because as a vegan it can be very difficult to replace egg whites, especially in desserts but you probably already know that. Luckily, with aquafaba, you don’t have this problem anymore although if you fall in love with this wonderful ingredient like I did, you’re probably going to eat a lot of hummus in the process. After all, you’re not going to take the water and throw away the chickpeas right? Here we go!

5 Amazing Aquafaba Dessert Recipes For Vegans

Technically, you can use aquafaba in any recipe that normally requires egg whites, so the possibilities are endless and sometimes beyond what we can imagine. Check out this vegan butter recipe made with aquafaba. However, today we’re going to focus on aquafaba dessert recipes, and I promise you won’t regret it!

Vegan Minty Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Aquafaba dessert recipes
Credit: elephantasticvegan.com

I thought it would be appropriate to start with an ice cream recipe, considering summer is already here. This particular ice cream recipe has a refreshing minty flavor and the fluffy consistency of  cotton candy thanks to aquafaba. It’s not just vegan, it’s also gluten free and given that it’s super easy to make, go ahead and give it a try.

Full recipe here.

Vegan Ginger Cheesecake

Aquafaba Dessert Recipes
Credit: lazykatkitchen.com

Making a decent cheesecake can be tricky for a vegan, especially since there’s no way you can use dairy cream cheese in it. This ingenious recipe has a lovely smooth cream made with aquafaba, cashews, coconut cream and agar agar that might just make you forget any previous failed attempt to make a vegan cheesecake.

Full recipe here.

Vegan Macarons

Credit: theblenderist.com

Macarons is another recipe vegans usually have a hard time to make but as you can see they turn perfect thanks to the magical bean water. The recipe has many steps which might seem discouraging but as long as you follow them carefully you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Full recipe here.

Fudgy Vegan Brownies

Credit: lazykatkitchen.com

These brownies are awesome! Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside – what more could you ask? And if you don’t have any aquafaba on hand you can use flax or chia seeds to make the thick liquid required in the recipe.

Full recipe here.

Vegan Strawberry Mousse Cake

Credit: cilantroandcitronella.com

For me, summer and strawberries go hand in hand. If the dessert is light and fluffy, that’s even better! This vegan strawberry mouse cake certainly fulfills all my requirements, and I’m sure you’ll love it as well.

Full recipe here.

There you have it! I hope today’s list of aquafaba dessert recipes will give you some inspiration to cook with this previously-ignored ingredient and make your life easier in the kitchen as a vegan.

Have you ever cooked with aquafaba and what other great recipes using it do you know?

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