Aquafaba Health Benefits And Cooking Tips For Using This New Vegan Egg White Replacement


I realize after reading this post’s title most people won’t be visiting this link to read about the aquafaba health benefits but rather to find out what it is. To tell you the short version – it’s normally something you discard in your kitchen sink.

Aquafaba is the slimy liquid you throw away when using canned chickpeas to make some lovely, smooth hummus. As it turns out, you should be keeping it and use cook with it, especially if you’re a vegan. It seems that aquafaba is able to mimic the functional properties of egg whites, making it a valid alternative, which you were probably desperately searching for as a vegan.

Before we get into what can be done with it, let’s see the aquafaba health benefits and what this usually ignored ingredient provides, nutritionally speaking.

Aquafaba Health Benefits

I’m not going to praise aquafaba as a new superfood although its name does have a nice ring to it. Only about 5% of it is dry matter and the rest of its content is made of plain H2O (thank you Wikipedia).

That 5% dry matter has the composition of chickpeas which are typically 19% protein, 61% carbohydrate, 6% lipids, and 14% water. There’s little difference between the chickpeas’ macro content and the dry matter contained by aquafaba. The latter has approximately 22% protein, 63% carbohydrates, 8.7% ash, and 4.3% lipids.

The not so good part is, that is just 5% of aquafaba, so let’s not kid ourselves – this is mostly water. Also, there’s not a lot of research regarding aquafaba at the moment, since it just recently started to gain traction.

Okay, so aquafaba is not exactly a superfood, but it won’t hurt you either so if your current vegan diet works for you, it will let you do some amazing things in the kitchen which you would normally be able to do only with egg whites.

How To Cook With Aquafaba

Aquafaba health benefits
Source: Lazy Kat Kitchen

Since aquafaba behaves very much like egg whites, you can use it for so many things. Check out this vegan whipped cream recipe – I bet you’ve been searching for some kind of way to get those stiff peaks without dairy or another animal-based food and the vegan store-bought options are anything but healthy.

And yes, you can also use aquafaba to make these amazing fudgy vegan brownies with a gooey center that will make you drool in front of your computer (or phone).

If that weren’t enough, you can use it to make some dairy-free ice cream or this mind-blowing vegan butter. I am still trying to get around the fact you can make a decent vegan butter substitute using aquafaba, so for now, this is my favorite aquafaba recipe of them all.

As you can see, there may not be too many aquafaba health benefits, but it is a safe ingredient to cook with, and it really opens a whole new world of possibilities for vegans. Have you ever used aquafaba in a recipe and how did it turn out?

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