Bad habits that cause back pain


Sometimes back pain is not a symptom of an underlying disease, a lot of healthy individuals being affected by this problem simply because of bad habits. Improve your posture and alleviate back aches by making the right choices.

Toss out that old mattress

As they get older, mattresses may not provide support for spine as they did when they were brand new. If you sleep on a mattress that is 10 years old or more, it’s time to replace it. Find a mattress that’s flexible. When lying on your back, you shouldn’t sink in.

Wearing a huge handbagThat huge bag is dragging you down

If you like really big bags it’s not a problem, unless you tend to throw just about anything in them and carry all those items around with you. Sometimes you might be tempted to take stuff with you, which you wouldn’t do otherwise, just because there’s enough room in the bag.

Carrying all that weight on just one shoulder or in one hand gets your spine and body out of balance.

You sit in a chair all day long

So you have a desk job and it’s not like you can just quit. What you can do is pay attention to your posture and improve it since there’s 50% more pressure on your spine when you sit compared to standing. Also, a good desk chair is very important. A regular chair is not designed for sitting on it for many hours in a row. Desk chairs are designed to support your spine and relieve pressure when you lean on them. Take a look at a few exercises you can do while at your desk to reduce and even prevent back pain.

High heelsHigh heels or no heels, extremes don’t work

When the feet don’t have proper support, they can change the alignment of your entire bone structure, causing or increasing the severity of back pain. High-heels make you walk in an artificial position, changing your center of gravity and causing additional pressure on the lower back.

On the other hand, flat shoes like sandals and flip flops don’t provide any support for your feet, straining tendons and joints. They might not be so tough on your back, but walking in flat shoes for long periods of time can cause heel pain, arch pain, ankle pain and even knee pain.

Too much stress

Stress doesn’t just affect your nervous system, it also causes your muscles to contract, especially neck and back muscles. If those tight muscles don’t get a chance to relax, it will only worsen the back pain. There are proven relaxation methods that do wonders, such as exercise, a hot bath, massage and meditation.