Best houseplants that are hard to kill (and maintenance tips)


Having plants inside the house is not just for aesthetic purposes – they also help clean the air, which in most urban areas is extremely necessary. However, if you’re travelling a lot or have the opposite of a green thumb, you will need some houseplants that are hard to kill.

The easiest way to add a little green in your home is to find some resilient indoor plants, which don’t need too much attention. Of course, there is still some maintenance involved (more on that later), but it’s minimal and definitely worth the effort.

Best houseplants that are hard to kill


Succulents are trending right now since there are so many varieties and they blend so well into any modern home, especially if it’s neutral colored. They’re also very resilient and don’t need to be watered often.

Spider Plants

These plants are known to remove carbon monoxide from the air, plus they can live for many years with very little effort on your part.


houseplants that are hard to kill

Dracaena looks awesome especially when it grows to a significant size and can withstand in almost any lighting conditions. However, keep in mind these plants are poisonous to dogs, so they’re not the best choice if you have pets.

Snake Plants

Snake plants only need to be watered every couple of weeks so you can go on vacation knowing they’ll still be alive and well when you return home. Nevertheless, make sure the pot has drainage holes in the bottom, to prevent roots from rotting.

Cast-Iron Plant

This plant might be growing slow, but it does well in a wide temperature range and doesn’t need a lot of light.


Palms can bring a fresh and exotic look to your house and can grow over 6 feet tall. Most palms are grown in the sun, so if you plan on keeping it in low light you will need to slowly transition the plant by gradually lowering the amount of sunlight it gets.


houseplants that are hard to kill

The philodendron thrives even in low light and depending on how you prop it, the plant can cascade over furniture or climb upwards. However, be aware these plants are toxic to both children and pets when ingested so be sure to keep them out of reach.


Aloe likes sunlight but it doesn’t need to be direct. Besides it looking pretty you can cut off leaves to make an endless variety of homemade skin care treatments and remedies.

Maintenance tips for resilient houseplants

The list above might contain indoor plants that are hard to kill, but they’re still not impossible to kill. You need to find out how much light the plant needs, as well as watering frequency.

Also, keep in mind plants don’t like to be moved often so once you find a good place, the best thing is to keep them there. Even if you don’t overwater you need to make sure the pots have drainage holes, so excess water has a way of getting out to prevent your plants from rotting. Another important thing that needs to be done every once in a while is to remove dead leaves, buds and flowers to make room for new ones!

Lastly, ensure the pot is big enough for your plant as it grows and switch to a bigger one if such is the case. Even houseplants that are hard to kill can soon wither away in a pot that’s too small.

What plants do you keep in your home?

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