Bokwa, the new fitness class that went viral


Anyone who wants to start a fitness program has a lot of options to choose from. People often want to move, but get bored very quickly. That’s why fitness instructors are constantly looking to innovate and bring attractive forms of physical exercise to keep their customers and gain new ones.

What is Bokwa?

Bokwa, is the latest fitness craze as it manages to keep the class dynamic through energizing music. Bokwa’s recipe for success lies in the fact it’s choreography is physically challenging yet very easy to remember. On African, Latin, Dance or House beats all you need to know is letters and digits.

Yes, the choreography is all about tracing numbers, letters and shapes with your feet. Obviously from this core concept, limitless combinations can be made, keeping the class fresh and easy to learn for anyone.

Paul Mavi Bokwa CreatorBirth of Bokwa

Developed in 2000 by fitness instructor and dancer, Paul Mavi, Bokwa is a combination South-African light boxing (Bo) with the traditional Kwaito dance, which is how it got its name. In time, Paul managed to adapt the workout to become very easy to learn, the key to the success of this fitness class.

Who can Bokwa?

Anyone! Unless you have a condition that prevents you to perform physical effort, there’s absolutely no reason you couldn’t try Bokwa.

Make no mistake about it, as fun as it may sound Bokwa is an intense cardio workout, but its purpose is to make movement so enjoyable that you’ll burn those calories while being entertained.

Children love it, as the concept of tracing letters, numbers and shapes with the feet is fun, and for youngsters it’s even educational. It allows them to reinforce what they’re already learning in school.

Bokwa is also very appealing for the elderly and people that are trying to get back into shape and change their lifestyle. The program has several difficulty levels, allowing you to increase your fitness gradually, thus prevent any discomfort and injuries.

Bokwa Fitness class
It sure looks like fun!

Bokwa just keeps spreading

Bokwa initially spread into Europe, through social media. It got into the United States in early 2013, and by the end of the year, it will become available in all states.

Not anyone can just start teaching Bokwa. Instructors need to follow a training session to get a Bokwa license and for a 29$ monthly membership fee, they also receive access to new educational classes, new moves, licensed music and marketing materials.

We could spend all day trying to define Bokwa, but what if you take a look to see what it’s really like. Maybe even give it a try. You might just love it!