5 Budget-Friendly Winter Date Ideas

Budget-friendly winter date ideas

Even though the spring season is just around the corner, there are still quite a few weeks left of the frigid and dark winter months. And just because those snowflakes falling outside don’t seem as romantic now as they did during the holiday season, your romantic date nights with your special someone don’t need to go by the wayside until the days are warmer and longer again! Luckily, there are plenty of budget-friendly winter date ideas you can try with your loved one, even if your finances got a bit hurt during the holiday season.

Whether you’re someone that enjoys getting out and playing in the snow with your significant other or you’d rather stay curled up inside where it’s warm and cozy, we’ve got some of the best budget-friendly winter date ideas! The best part? Not one of these will cost you a small fortune and your first born son.

5 Budget-Friendly Winter Date Ideas

Stick To The Winter Classics

If you and your honey don’t mind the cold, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going on a classic winter date. If you’ve got coordination, something like skating, skiing, or snowboarding for a few hours might be your idea of a good time. Worried about breaking something and then not making it to work next week? Go tubing – They have everything you need there and it’s almost impossible to get hurt while you’re floating down a powdery snow hill in a great big tube full of air.

Bust A Move

So what if it’s snowing and thirty below out there? You’re not going to notice when you’re busting a move on the dance floor with your sweetie and breaking a sweat! Pro tip: If you insist on bundling up when you leave for the club because it’s freezing outside, make sure that you’re wearing something under those layers – I promise that you’re not going to be cold for long!

Strike Out!

Remember when you were a teenager and going out to the bowling alley with your friends was a good time? Turns out that it’s way more fun when you’re acting a fool in your ugly, rented shoes with the love of your life (or someone you’re just getting to know; whatever)! Again, you can rent whatever you need and stay in (kind of) for a night of fun here.

Bond Over Food

Or wine; your choice. A cooking class or wine tasting is a great way for the two of you to get to know each other in a way you might otherwise not. Maybe your significant other can’t stand white wine or the smell of truffle oil; if it doesn’t come up, you’ll never know.

Of course you could just ask them, but that might come off as weird.

Discover Your City Together


budget-friendly winter date ideas

Do you have any idea how much fun it is to be a tourist? Discovering new things together is really only half the fun; getting to know your partner in a fun and playful scenario is the real bonus here.

Regardless of how you choose to go about it, we hope that you have the best winter dates your imagination can come up with! On that note, what’s your idea of the best winter date?