Detox Water: 5 Ingredients To Boost Your Weight Loss And Health


Detox water can be a great way to maintain your hydration levels throughout the day, especially since we’re constantly being told most of us are chronically dehydrated and we need to up our water intake to the point it can actually become stressful. To be honest, I don’t believe in this idea, in fact, there are health dangers associated with drinking too much water so this needs to be done in moderation, like everything else.

I don’t mean to instill panic, it’s just that going to the extreme of sipping water all day long without you actually feeling the need to drink it, is well…..a bit too extreme. The foods you eat also count towards your daily water intake and as long as you don’t ignore your thirst, you’ll be just fine.

However, many people tend to ignore water and choose to chuck down other drinks instead, and most of those aren’t healthy choices. Even if you opt for natural drinks such as fruit juice, these are loaded with sugar and contain way more fruits than what you’d be able to eat in their whole form.

So if you’re trying to lose weight and/or improve your health by avoiding processed and sugary drinks, it can get pretty boring to drink plain H20, and fast. The good news is, you can easily make infused water, and add not just flavor, but some much-needed nutrients and detox power without the extra calories.

Best ingredients you can add to your detox water

Here are some of my favorite healthy ingredients you can use to make your own detox water so that you’ll actually want to drink it.


waterStrawberries are super abundant all summer long (if you’re unwilling or unable to grow your own – they can even be grown from a hanging planter on your porch or balcony.

I strongly suggest getting some from your local farmers market or strawberry patch if you can get to know the farmer) and since they’re absolutely chalked full of vitamin A, they’re the perfect fruit to add to your infused water and cool yourself down with.


Freshly cut apple slices are another great way to add flavour to your water without adding serious calories to your diet. If you eat the apple slices when you’re finished with your water you’ll also be adding a decent amount of fiber into your system!

If apple water on its own just isn’t your thing or you think it seems to just be missing something, try adding a pinch of fresh ground cinnamon (or a small piece of a cinnamon stick) to it as well – Not only will you be adding more flavour, you’ll also be boosting your metabolism so that you can burn fat throughout the day.


water1Spas and hotels have been on this trend for a long time, and it’s no wonder! Not only does cucumber water taste great, but since the cucumbers themselves are anti-inflammatory using them as a detox water ingredient will help you get rid of any water weight you happen to be holding onto (which makes it perfect to reach for when you’ve got your period and feel as though your stomach might actually explode).

Bonus: Pick a couple of cucumbers out and place them on your eyes for a few minutes if you had trouble sleeping the night before and you’ll immediately feel refreshed!


Mint is another thing that happens to grow fairly easy and abundantly all summer long, although you can find it in grocery stores throughout the entire year. It also happens to repel most bugs, so there’s absolutely no reason not to grow it where you end up sitting outside most of the time anyway. It adds a refreshing taste to water all on its own, but feel free to mix it with one or more of the other items on this list if you really want to bring your water’s flavour profile to the next level.


water2This is probably the most common thing that people reach for when they’re trying to add flavour and/or detoxing benefits to their water, but as you can see they’re far from the only ingredient that can be used for it!

They’re chalked full of vitamins and work incredibly well as an antidiuretic, but they’re also incredibly acidic so I’d actually use it as an addition to other ingredients before I’d just make lemon water and call it a day. Also, remember that lemon water isn’t necessarily all that you think it might be.

When it comes to making your detox water, you can go one of two ways – You can either mix each glass that you make individually (which works in a pinch) or you can get a pretty glass pitcher like this one and mix a whole bunch up at one time (This not only saves a ton of time in the long run but also happens to work out better because the longer the ingredients have to sit, the more beneficial they’re going to be and the better the water is going to taste).

What are your favourite things to add to water to make it taste better and give you added detoxing benefits? I’m always up for learning a new recipe, so please let us know in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to try whatever you come up with!

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