7 Totally Doable Ways To Cut Calories


Losing weight is certainly not a short process but it doesn’t need to be frustrating or seem impossible either. Dieting is not for everyone, but there are still plenty of things you can do to lose those unwanted pounds. Yes….even if you have a crazy busy schedule, keep reading to find out X totally doable ways to cut calories.

When changing your lifestyle and trying to take an approach focused on improving your health, it’s best to take it one step at a time. Don’t try to change everything overnight. The difference could be so dramatic you might end up quitting before you even start.

7 Completely Doable Ways To Cut Calories

Take a look at the simple and clever methods to reduce calorie intake and try to adopt them one at a time. This way you will be making a real effort toward a healthier life but it will seem….effortless.

Don’t drink your calories

This is perhaps one of the biggest problems of the typical Western diet. Sodas, fruit juices, mocktails, cocktails, beer (and other alcoholic drinks)…..even smoothies – these are all calorie-heavy beverages. Even if  a smoothie or a milkshake is made at home with only natural ingredients it’s way too easy to overeat by drinking instead of chewing.

Even if you’re trying to incorporate more greens or raw vegetables into your diet, choose to eat them instead of drinking them. Eating whole foods helps keep hunger at bay much longer by slowing down digestion than taking them in liquid form.

Don’t keep junk food at home

doable ways to cut calories

It’s exceptionally easy to make unhealthy food choices when such options are a few steps away in your kitchen pantry or fridge. If you get an ice cream craving at 11 PM but you don’t have any in the house, chances you’re going to get rid of the thought and you won’t drive to the nearest grocery store. But if it was already in the freezer….you get the point.

Drink coffee and tea without sugar

OK, I know this may be difficult at first. Some people do love their sugary tea/coffee. In fact, I’ve seen some individuals pour so much sugar in their cup of joe I was wondering if there’s any room left for the coffee.

But it’s totally worth transitioning towards a sugar-free coffee or tea, especially if you drink one or more cups on a daily basis (which is true for a massive amount of people). To make things easier you can start by adding 1/2 teaspoon of honey instead of the usual sugar for the first few days.

It’s just a small sacrifice that can cut back on many useless and unhealthy teaspoons of sugar you ingest with your daily tea or coffee.

Cook your own food

OK, so this will probably scare anyone that has long work hours and comes home completely drained of energy but cooking your own food doesn’t have to be tedious. Think quick salads, some steamed veggies and a piece of grilled chicken breast, and Crock Pot meals that basically cook themselves.

There are plenty of ways to effortlessly prepare your own meals which is the most certain way of controlling the ingredients.

Eat more vegetables

doable ways to cut calories

I’m not talking about French fries of course. Carrots, peas, broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatoes, green beans and other low-calorie vegetables are chalked full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

The easiest thing to do is to make sure half of your plate is filled with veggies prepared in a healthy manner (such as grilled, steamed or boiled).

Drink water before a meal

This sounds pretty easy, right? Anyone can do this! Research shows drinking just two cups of water before a meal can reduce calorie intake by 13%. This has to be one of the most doable ways to cut calories and prevent overeating.

Include protein at every meal

Protein is incredibly filling and eating enough of it can boost your metabolism, ultimately helping you lose weight. If you’re a meat and dairy eater it’s very easy to add protein to your meals.

Things are more difficult for vegans but not impossible. Almonds, oats, broccoli, quinoa, lentils, pumpkin seeds and brussels sprouts are protein-rich plant foods and not the only ones.

These are some of the most doable ways to cut calories and start losing weight without dieting. You might not be able to make use of them all, but even a few can make a huge difference and help you get on the right path.

What methods have you tried to reduce calorie intake and which worked better?

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