Easy DIY No-Streak Window Cleaners To Keep Your House Chemical-Free


One can only wonder why a smooth surface like glass can stubbornly refuse to get cleaned without the dreaded streaks. Below, I will share some easy DIY no-streak window cleaners from some of my favorite bloggers to help you get out of this mess (literally).

I’m sure many of you (like myself) have tried an endless amount of store-bought window cleaners, and each of them managed to fail you in their own way. While a glass cleaner is definitely not a luxury product, you can easily make your own and at the fraction of the price.

6 DIY No-Streak Window Cleaners

Some of these homemade concoctions actually work, and I selected 6 DIY no-streak window cleaners you can quickly make yourself for flawlessly clean and shiny windows!

Vinegar-Powered Window Cleaner

Mom4Real has found the perfect recipe for no-streak windows! The secret ingredient here is vinegar, although it’s not much of a secret since many store-bought glass cleaners contain it as well. But since it’s so easy to make your own, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Recipe here.

Heavy Duty Window Cleaner

DIY No-Streak Window Cleaners
Source: onegoodthingbyjilee.com

One Goog Thing By Jillee came up with a powerful mix that can easily clean even the outer side of a window – you know, the one on which birds poop on and usually gets covered in dust within a few weeks after cleaning. That side is the hardest to get streak-free, but this recipe really works. Just look at that mirror shine!

Recipe here.

Essential Oil Scented Window Cleaner

Whole New Mom’s window cleaner recipe is a bit more elaborated, but nothing to get scared by as it’s still exceptionally easy to make. An unusual ingredient is being used here, as it seems it really helps to reduce streaks and I’m talking about cornstarch.

Recipe here.

Black Tea Window Cleaner

DIY No-Streak Window Cleaners
Source: helloglow.co

Hello Glow came up with an interesting one-ingredient glass cleaner made with black tea. It turns out this stuff is pretty powerful, and not only when you drink it.

Recipe here.

2-Ingredient Window Cleaner

Wellness Mama proposes a simple glass cleaner recipe, that also includes the classic vinegar, but reduces that stingy smell with essential oils. And if you’re used to commercial window cleaners, you can also add a few drops of dish soap to the recipe.

Recipe here.

All-In-One Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner

DIY No-Streak Window Cleaners
Source: livesimply.me

Live Simply also includes rubbing alcohol besides vinegar in this two-in-one glass and stainless steel cleaner recipe. It couldn’t be any easier to make, but keep in mind this works best when used with a microfiber cloth, as that ensures your windows won’t have any streaks.

Recipe here.

There you go! Hopefully, now you will take the plunge into the DIY world if you’ve been afraid to do it until now, as these no-streak window cleaners are super easy to make, and budget-friendly as well!

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