The Half Day Diet: Steady Weight Loss By Eating Carbs At The Right Time


There are a ton of diets out there that choose to outlaw the consumption of carbohydrates. Problem is, carbs are entirely too yummy to pass up for a lot of people (myself included) and not as bad as most people consider them.

Not to mention that once your body gets used to the lesser amount of caloric consumption, you usually end up hitting that dreaded plateau and/or caving completely and binge-eating bagels and cake until you’ve gained the weight you worked so hard to lose back. And then the cycle continues.

So when I read that the Half Day Diet actually promotes eating carbs, I knew I had to look into it further. After it, it could be just another fad diet that gives you all kinds of ridiculously amazing sounding promises yet yields very little in the way of results. We’re going to give you a quick rundown of the diet – How it works, what it is, the pros and cons, and a conclusion summing up whether or not I think it’s worth your time.

The Half Day Diet - Eat Carbs At The Right Time To Lose Weight Safely

The Half Day Diet

What Is It?

Nate Miyaki

The Half Day Diet is an eating plan created by Nate Miyaki. If you’ve been in the ‘dieting’ community for a while now, you’ve very likely heard of this well-known nutrition coach. His theory is that regardless of what type of eating plan you choose to follow, your nutrient intake should match three things: Your metabolic condition, your activity level, and ultimately your goals. He believes that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to dieting and losing weight (this belief has made his diet incredibly popular with the dieting community), and he’s absolutely right.

He created a system that allows your diet to work with your body as opposed to against it. He figures that not only are people consuming way too many carbs on the whole, they’re also consuming them at the wrong time of day. And that, my friends, is where the problem lies. His plan gives you the opportunity to continue enjoying all of your favourite foods, provided that you eat them at the right time. His book (link below) explains the whole thing in greater detail and shows you how to eat the right amount of food to help you with your weight loss, but we’ll break down the basis a little in the next section.

The Half Day Diet Complete Guide

The Promise

Mr. Miyaki is so sure that his diet is the one that’s going to end your vicious cycle of dieting that he offers a 60 day money back guarantee on his book. He assures you that if you purchase the book and follow it’s instructions to a tee, he can promise three things:

  • Anyone can use this diet and find success. It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of pounds to lose or you’re just looking to get rid of a few. Regardless of how old you are, what gender you are, or how many diets you have tried in the past, this is going to work for you.
  • You will see results from this diet quickly and those results will be permanent. You won’t have to deal with awful cravings and struggles when you’re on this diet. Instead, you will lose weight quickly and watch the weight melt off almost effortlessly.
  • You’ll always receive fast and friendly help from customer service.
  • If for any reason this diet doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back with no questions asked (and even a smile, apparently).

It also comes with a ton of free bonus material, making your dollar stretch even further.

How It Works

Basically you stay away from carbs during the day and then you eat them at night. It might sound simple (and really, it kind of is), but there’s a little more to it than that. Here’s how the book breaks the whole thing down for you.

There are three basic principles to the Half Day Diet:

1. Learn How To Consume Macros Properly To Shed Extra Fat

Meal timingThe book explains to you how to optimize macronutrients (that’s your protein, fat, and carbs). Once you have a basic understanding of how the whole (semi-complicated) formula works, burning fat and shedding those few extra pounds becomes a whole lot easier.

The book comes with a few different templates to choose from so you can easily pick out which one works for you. Then you can start learning about what ‘eating the right foods at the right times’ really means and put the plan into action.

2. Customize The Diet To Suit Your Unique Individual Needs

Every single body is different. Various lifestyles and conditions (medical or otherwise) means that what works for your sister or best friend isn’t necessarily going to work for you. This part allows you to tweak the diet to your lifestyle, the foods you like (because no one enjoys eating something they don’t like, no matter how ‘good for you’ it is), and your individual needs.

3. Continual Tweaking

Once you begin to lose weight with this (or any other) diet, your needs are going to change (especially if you want to continue to shed pounds). The book explains everything you need to know about making those necessary changes so that you can reach your ideal weight and/or body composition goals for as long as you need. This extended support (coupled with the ‘exceptional’ customer service they provide) is very likely why this diet is so popular.

These three short point work in conjunction with each other to ensure that you’re able to reach your goals quickly while maintaining your health (read: less deficiency) and continuing to eat all of your favorite foods.

The Pros & Cons


  • You won’t need to cut carbs out of your diet completely (which a lot of diets have you doing).
  • You’ll get the opportunity to lose weight without feeling like you’re starving to death (generally a side effect of cutting out carbs).
  • You can’t plateau (unless you choose to) because you can always change the way you’re eating to suit your changing needs.
  • Allows you to go out to dinner without needing to stress about whether or not you’ll even be able to eat.
  • The plan was put together by a nutritional coach that’s very well known in the weight loss and dieting community.
  • Even if you’re not looking to lose weight, this diet can help you learn to eat optimally. This can help you feel better and be healthier overall.
  • It’s kind of like having your own personal nutrition coach without needing to pay the hefty consulting fees.
  • Everything you need to know becomes instantly available after purchase (meaning that you can get started right away).


  • Moving  your food schedule around can be kind of a pain to get used to (especially if you/your family is on a set eating schedule).
  • If you’re looking to lose a whole lot of weight, you’re going to have to cut your carb intake a whole lot more than someone that just wants to lose a couple of pounds (not necessarily the worst thing in the world, but definitely something that you should be aware of and might want to keep in mind). Of course, as you lose weight you’ll be able to eat more.
  • Just because you’re allowed to eat carbs, doesn’t mean that you’ll have a free pass to binge on them to your heart’s content.
  • Calculating macros can be fairly complicated, especially if you’re someone that’s never done it before.

Is It Safe?

All in all I’d say that this is a fairly sound eating plan. That’s not surprising when you consider that it was developed by an actual nutrition coach – He’s more concerned about transitioning you into a healthier person overall, losing weight just happens to be a happy side effect of that.

That said, I feel like you could recalculate your needs one (or a few) too many times. That could lead to a whole bunch of problems. As long as you’re mindful of that, you should be good to go.

Does It Work?

If you follow the information in the book like you’re supposed to, I see no reason why it wouldn’t. What I like most about this eating plan is that it can be tailored to suit anyone and that it grows with you as you lose weight.

Get The The Half Day Diet Handbook

However, I would seriously suggest that you incorporate some sort of fitness regime into it somehow. If you look at Nate Miyaki it’s easy to notice he’s really fit, thus probably working out regularly. There are various free fitness programs available on the internet, or click here to see some of the regimes we’ve rounded up (there’s even a workout on there that’s only seven minutes long!).

A Quick Note

You should always consult with your medical professional or holistic practitioner before starting this or any other type of diet (or making any huge lifestyle change for that matter), just to ensure that you don’t have any sort of underlying health conditions that you don’t know about (it happens).

Have you tried out the Half Day Diet or one that’s similar? Did you see results? How long did it take you to start shedding weight and/or feeling better? We’d love to hear about your personal experience (after all, those are the testimonies I personally trust the most); let us know all about it in the comments section below!

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