Lemons – Nature’s Solution for Weight-Loss

Lemons are well-known for the multiple health benefits they provide, but did you know they are a great diet aid that can help you lose weight more efficiently, without the need to follow a highly restrictive diet with potential health risks involved?

How do lemons help us?

100 g of lemon fruit is made of 90% water. In contrast, the remaining 10% contains 140 mg of potassium, 40-50 mg of vitamin C, 40-60 mg of calcium, and moderate to low amounts of phosphorus, vitamins A, B1, B2, and B3, bioflavonoids and volatile components.

Lemons are well known for their antioxidant, alkalinizing, antiseptic, and diuretic properties. The interaction of citric acid with stomach acids helps the digestion process. It also helps the body to absorb calcium (which is also stored in fat cells). Medical studies have shown that fat cells with higher levels of calcium are consumed more easily.

While it has no direct influence on weight loss, the vitamin contents of the lemon strengthen the immune system. However, it’s pretty obvious that a healthy body is prone to losing weight easier.

fish and lemonHow to consume lemons

Most people don’t eat lemons; instead, they choose to drink lemonade. You can use lemon juice from ½ lemons up to 1 and ½ lemons to make your lemonade, depending entirely on your personal taste. As a diet supplement, it’s usually consumed unsweetened but you can add to it as much as ½ tablespoon of honey (sugar is definitely not recommended).

Tip: When consumed regularly, the acids contained by lemons can damage tooth enamel so it’s best to drink your lemonade using a straw and avoid contact with teeth.

Most diets recommend drinking high quantities of water, but we all know that can become very boring very fast. Drinking lemonade would make it more fun, besides the above-mentioned benefits.

The best moments to drink lemonade would be after your meals and this usually means 3 glasses of lemonade per day. You can drink lemonade even if you are not actually following a diet, it still works, even if not at maximum efficiency.

You can also use lemon juice in other drinks (such as tea) and of course, in foods such as fish, salads and anything else that needs souring.

How fast does it work?

This may vary greatly, depending on your organism, culinary habits, physical activities, and many other factors. Drinking lemonade will not miraculously make you thinner: you still have to pay attention to what and when you eat and try to exercise on a regular basis. But it does help, moreover, it’s accessible and very easy to try.


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