What is Manuka honey and how it can improve your health


All types of honey have healing properties but Manuka honey seems to be the most potent of them all. For this reason, it’s quite expensive so you might have been wondering what is Manuka honey and if it’s worth the price?

Manuka honey is made by bees which pollinate the Manuka bush that grows only in New Zealand and Australia. While it’s been harvested for ages, this type of honey started being used as a natural remedy worldwide only in recent years.

There’s a compelling amount of research that attests to both the potential and amazing healing effects of Manuka honey which is growing as we speak. The British National Health Service licensed the use of Manuka honey as a wound dressing in 2004 so it’s safe to say the world is starting to recognize this wonderful natural cure.

Compared to other types of honey, this one has a special earthy flavor and a darker color. As with other natural remedies, you must be wary of counterfeit products when buying Manuka honey.

What is Manuka honey?

Compared to other types, Manuka honey that’s medical grade has extremely powerful antimicrobial properties and it’s also not sensitive to heat, light or dilution which means it doesn’t need strict storage conditions and it has a long shelf life.

Research has found Manuka honey to kill numerous types of bacteria such as E. Coli, and Helicobacter pylori, as well as Streptococcus pyogenes. As a result, it can help speed up the healing of infected wounds, stomach ulcers, and sore throats.

Moreover, Manuka honey has immune-boosting properties and it’s even able to kill various types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

How to choose Manuka honey based on UMF

what is Manuka honey

It turns out there are plenty of Manuka honey benefits but you must be careful when buying it as there are various strengths available. The potency and purity or Manuka honey are measured using a system called the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). You might have already seen it on labels.

For Manuka honey to be an effective remedy it needs to have at least UMF 5, although this strength is best for table use. If you want to take it internally as an immunity booster then make sure it has a UMF between 10 and 15. Manuka honey with UMF 15+ is extremely potent and should be used to treat more serious illnesses, but always with your doctor’s consent.

If you wanted to know what is Manuka honey in order to ensure you purchase a high-quality product, the most important thing to consider is its UMF rating.

You might have also seen other ratings on Manuka honey jars (such as MGO) which are not as reliable as UMF, especially considering the latter is measured by the Unique Manuka Honey Factor Association from New Zealand. In fact, I recommend you check out their website as it will help you find registered producers and genuine Manuka honey.

When you shouldn’t take Manuka honey

As powerful medicine as it might be, keep in mind that it’s still honey which means it has high glucose content and diabetics can only take it in limited doses (if any). Also, no type of honey should be given to babies under 1 year of age as it can sometimes contain botulism-causing bacteria spores.

Lastly, those who are allergic to pollen usually need to stay away from all honey products, and Manuka honey makes no exception.