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The Truth about Penis Enlargement Products: Myth or Reality?

Guys looking for a way to enlarge their manhood probably want to hear that there are penis enlargement pills, lotions, devices, and surgeries that work wonders. Sadly, the risks significantly outweigh the results.

Society and expectations

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How small is too small?

The average size of an erect penis is somewhere between 5 and 7 inches (13-18 centimeters). The size of flaccid penises varies to a greater extent. Micropenis is a medical condition describing an abnormally small penis, typically smaller than 3 inches (7 centimeters) when erect. However, this is a very (very!) rare condition. Studies have revealed that men who seek penis enlargement treatments or surgery have, in fact average-sized penises, so they think that their penis is too small.

Pills, supplements, and lotions

These offer the largest variety of products, which are all ineffective, to say the least. Hormones, vitamins, wonder herbs, minerals….there is no scientific proof that they work and some can even be dangerous to your health. Some even advertise their products with before/after pictures and testimonials, but these cannot be considered proof since it’s very easy to alter an image in Photoshop or write a fake product review.


There are several penis enlargement devices available on the market, with more being “invented” every day, but there are two very common types:

Vacuum pumps – They are used to create a partial vacuum around the penis and draw blood into it, increasing its size. Sadly, the effect is only temporary, and there are risks associated with using the device, such as bursting blood vessels and blisters.

Vacuum pumps have been successfully used to treat impotence (not the condition, just its symptoms). However, this type of treatment also requires using a ring similar to a tourniquet to trap the blood in the penis and maintain the erection.

Stretching – In this case, weights are attached to the flaccid penis to stretch it. It does yield some results, but not significant ones (maximum 0.5-1 inch). However, these results come with a price since you’d have to wear the device with dedication several hours a day for about half a year. Plus, it brings its own risks, such as tissue and vascular damage.


There is a specific technique known as jelqing, using hand motions similar to milking. The aim is to increase penis blood flow and pressure and achieve natural penis enlargement. It might be safer than other methods, but noticeable results fail to appear in this case as well.



Surgery is done for cosmetic purposes only is using several methods to increase penile length or thickness.

The most common method for increasing the length of the penis is by severing the ligament that connects the pubic bone to the penis, allowing more of the penis shaft to become visible (the average result is less than an inch). Sometimes, this method is used in conjunction with others, such as removing excess fat from the pelvic bone. To stop the ligament from reconnecting, a man must wear a stretching device or weights attached to his penis for about half a year.

To widen the penis, doctors take fat from a portion of the patient’s body and inject it into the penis shaft. Results are temporary since the fat is reabsorbed into the body after a while, and it can lead to penis asymmetry or curvature. Other methods involve silicone implants and tissue grafts.

These surgical procedures come with various risks, such as losing sensitivity, infections, nerve damage, scarring, asymmetry, and loss of function.

Do women really care about penis size?

Several studies revealed that women might not be completely indifferent to their partner’s penis size, but it’s certainly not a priority on their list. As expected, other traits, such as the man’s personality and character, are more important in terms of attraction. When it comes to penile length, issues may arise when we’re talking about extremes.

The desire for a man to increase the size of his penis can come from various motives, but it’s best to think this problem through before engaging in dangerous, risky practices. Talking to your partner before taking such a step is particularly important.

Simple tricks that work

With no need to resort to potentially harmful supplements or devices, a man can make his penis seem larger by trimming pubic hair, letting more of the penis shaft become visible, and losing weight. Also, talking with your partner about their sexual preferences can increase the quality of sex more than the extra inch added to manhood.

Unfortunately, society often gives us false images and bad role models. This leads to both desperate men and women alike. Don’t fall into this trap, any issues are most often fixed by talking to your partner or a psychologist.


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