Simple Things You Can Do If You Overate


It’s so easy to get carried away and eat everything you see on the plate (and then get some more), especially when there’s a lot of food around you like during the holidays or at anniversaries. The problem is afterwards you won’t be feeling too well. Fortunately, the feeling of discomfort and the guilt can be solved in a few simple steps, while avoiding a few so-called solutions that may worsen your situation.

Drink teaHave a cup of tea

Specifically chicory root tea, is an effective way to relax your digestive tract. A great alternative with similar effects is chamomile tea.

Refresh yourself with some mint

Mint is a very good solution to alleviate indigestion, gas and even nausea. Obviously the best way to have mint is by drinking a cup of mint tea (not by eating minty ice cream!).

Laxatives are not miracle workers

Taking a laxative after you’ve eaten too much won’t solve any stomach problems this may have caused. Laxatives can treat constipation, cleansing the colon, but that’s it.

Take a walkGet up and move

Working out or doing some intensive physical activities is not recommended if you have a full stomach. But light exercise such as taking a walk is definitely recommended. It will increase your blood flow and speed up digestion.

Say no to forced vomiting

This is by far one of the most dangerous actions you could make in the attempt to ease your guilty conscience after your eating spree. Forced vomiting, even when done occasionally can weaken and burn the esophagus, weaken your teeth, damage your stomach and eventually lead to eating disorders.

Ok, everyone throws up occasionally, but it’s usually preceded by nausea, a strong indicator that you ate/drank too much or ate some foods that didn’t mix well. However, this rarely happens to a healthy, balanced individual and it doesn’t even begin to compare with forced vomiting. Steer clear!

Activated charcoal

This is a powerful, yet safe remedy for some of the post-eating havoc symptoms like stomach cramps and gas. Just remember, activated charcoal is recommended only for occasional use and may interact with certain types of heart medication.