5 Simple Ways To Improve Air Quality At Home


One of my least favorite parts of winter is that the windows have to stay shut for so long; I’m one of those people that open their windows on the first warm day we have and they stay open until the frost hits, months later. This means that for three-quarters of the year, my home is filled with the freshest of fresh air! Then winter hits and I can feel the air getting stuffier by the minute, but it doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything to improve air quality at home.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to filter and clean the air around me so that even though it doesn’t necessarily feel as fresh as I might like, I can rest easy knowing that the air around me is being filtered and cleaned.

How To Easily Improve Air Quality At Home

If you’re like me and prefer fresh, clean air to air that’s stagnant, smelly, and dull, you might want to consider investing in some of these things yourself.

Air Purifying Plants

Improve Air Quality At Home

The whole purpose of plants is to clean the air, so nearly any plant you buy will improve air quality at home. If you want to kick the whole air purifying thing into high gear though, there’s a good rule of thumb for when you’re out shopping: The less light a plant requires, the better it is at absorbing air pollutants.

Some names to look out for the next time you’re at the garden center are Potted Mums, English Ivy, Gerber Daisies, and Dracaena. If trees are more your thing, a rubber tree or butterfly palm will also do what you need it to.

A Good Deep Clean

It’s amazing how much difference a solid clean of your house or apartment can make in your air quality. From dust and allergens to smoke and grease, there are a lot of places for smells to hide.

When you’re cleaning, remember to really get into those hard to reach places every once in a while – Ceiling fans, stove vents, behind the fridge, and the top of the cupboards are places that smells love to hide out.

Making Small Adjustments

You might be causing some of the filth in the air of your home yourself without even realizing it! Here are a few things you can do to help make the air cleaner: Smoke outside if you’re a smoker, use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and change the filters out on any appliances on a regular (at least monthly) basis.

Burn Beeswax

Improve Air Quality At Home

Candles sure do warm up a home in the winter (and add a touch of love during the warmer months, too!), but the paraffin variety also releases petroleum byproduct into your home’s air. In addition to burning cleaner, beeswax candles also burn slower so you can get the maximum amount of natural, romantic lighting possible!

Get A Salt Lamp

A Himalayan pink salt lamp isn’t only super pretty, it’s also super functional and can help you improve air quality at home! It works by effectively pulling the toxins out of the air in whatever room it’s in and neutralizing them.

By getting rid of the dirty air in your home, you very well may notice an improvement in a variety of things such as breathing, dry eyes, sneezing, headaches, drowsiness, and of course, smell. What sorts of things do you do to ensure that the air in your home is always its freshest?

How to improve air quality at home