SPX Pilates: The Workout Celebs Can’t Get Enough Of


Over the years, we’ve seen so many new types of workouts it can quickly become confusing as to which one you should choose or which one actually works. The truth is, exercise is always good for you (way better than staying on the couch) and it always works! SPX Pilates is one of the latest trends and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara and Victoria’s Secret models are using it to stay in shape.

Also known as Lagree Fitness, SPX Pilates derives from the classic Pilates but is done on a machine called the Megaformer. It might look a bit intimidating, but the purpose of the machine is to add resistance and strength training to Pilates-inspired moves.

What is SPX Pilates?

The Megaformer is not exactly a machine most of us can have at home, but there’s an increasing number of studios that offer this type of class.

SPX Pilates

The machine lets you get a full-body workout that’s intense but has practically zero impact on your spine or joints. Make no mistake about it – the workout is hard and doing it 2-3 times per week is enough (which is perfect for busy people that don’t have time to workout every day).

The best part about SPX Pilates, is the workouts are diverse and your body doesn’t get a chance to get accustomed to the moves due to all the variations. The way Lagree Fitness works, it allows you to get both cardio and strength training into a single workout, with smooth transitions between exercises with minimal impact on joints and spine.

This type of workout is designed to make your muscles leaner and toned which is something any woman wants. You can think of SPX Pilates as an all-in-one workout – it perfectly mixes cardio, strength, balance, flexibility and core training in each of its moves.

While not everyone has Sofia Vergara’s budget (or spacious house) to get their own Megaformer at home, you can perform SPX Pilates workouts at home using towels and gliders to mimic the Megaformer’s movement. And with the increasing success of this workout, there will be no shortage of free YouTube workouts to follow!

Have you tried SPX Pilates and did you get positive benefits from this workout? Share your thoughts in the comments section!