Stretch Your Hips And Improve Your Flexibility With This 20 Minute Yoga Sequence


After a long and stressful day (or even after a day where all I did was hang out on the couch with the dog and binge-watch whatever we came across), I like to do some yoga before getting ready for bed. It helps me wind down and relax so that I can actually sleep (as opposed to just lying there all night thinking about the three trillion things I need to accomplish the next day).

Because I spend a whole lot of time sitting in a chair for work (I really am going to build myself one of those treadmill desks one of these days – It just looks like a whole lot more fun and is so much better for your posture) and I’m completely incapable of sitting like a normal human being (I tend to spend a lot of my time either cross-legged or with my legs tucked up underneath me instead of on the floor because it’s more comfortable), my hips have been bugging me for the last couple of days.

I checked out Grokker’s website and managed to find a hip opening yoga sequence without having to dig too deep (which was awesome because I’m all about convenience). You remember Grokker – They’re the site that has everything from workout videos to healthy meal options in one handy and convenient place.

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This routine is only about 20 minutes long, so even if you’re a super busy person that doesn’t have a whole lot of time to spare you should be able to squeeze it in somewhere. I usually prefer to do about an hour or so of yoga myself, but this workout was absolutely perfect for relieving the extra tension I was carrying in my hip area. I would definitely recommend this routine for anyone that spends a lot of time sitting at a desk or chasing a small child around (all that squatting and bending definitely builds up in your hips over time).

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Workout clothing that’s comfortable but not too loose.

– A yoga mat – these ones are eco-friendly and non-toxic – if you’re on a floor with a hard surface (sometimes even carpet isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world).

– A yoga block if you’d like to make some of the stretches a little easier on yourself (if you’re planning to take up yoga on a regular basis, I strongly suggest investing in one of these nifty little objects).

The Routine

Here’s the full yoga sequence in video form:

It’s fairly straightforward, but just in case it’s a little too fast for you (or if for some reason the video player on your phone or computer isn’t working properly) we’ll take you through the entire 20 minutes of stretching step by step in the instructional pictures below.

Frog Pose

1 - Frog pose

Low Lunge Pose

2 - Low Lunge pose

Modified Revolved Side Angle Pose

3 - Modified Revolved Side Angle Pose

Modified Royal Pigeon Pose

4 - Modified Royal Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose

5 - Pigeon pose

Modified Pigeon Pose

6 - Modified Pigeon Pose

Child’s Pose

7 - Child's pose

And that’s that! After spending 20 minutes focusing on your hips you’ll find that you feel more relaxed, flexible, and you’ll also likely feel like you have a more clear mind and possibly even a more optimistic outlook on life (yoga tends to have that effect). Once you’re finished with this relaxing routine, you’ll want to get some water to help your muscles recover. Depending on the time of day you choose to do your yoga, you might even need to make dinner.

Luckily, Grokker’s got you covered there, too. They have tons of videos that show/explain to you how to make healthy, nutritious food that can help feed your mind, body, and soul. That’s what I really like about this company – They’re super well-rounded, have just about everything you could want, and it’s FAR cheaper than trying to hire a personal trainer and/or nutritional coach.

Their prices are amazing to begin with when you consider everything that they have to offer, but if you click on the link below you can gain unlimited access to all of their videos for less than you would pay for a salad at your favourite salad bar!

That’s right – Click here to get 30 days of unlimited access to ALL of Grokker’s handy and helpful videos for ONLY $1

It really doesn’t get much better than that. I can’t think of anything healthy I can do (aside from take a walk) that costs less than that. I know that I definitely felt better after doing this sequence; in fact, I liked it so much that I think I’m going to add it to my regular fitness routine (which to be honest I’ve been slacking on recently. Either way it’s never involved a whole lot of focus on my hips – I had no idea just how much tension I was carrying down there until I realized how much better I felt afterward doing this routine).

If you end up trying out the above sequence (that twenty minutes will pass a lot faster than you think), please let me know what you thought about it when you’re finished in the comments section below – Personal experience is my favourite kind of research (and we all know how much I like my research), and I’d love to hear about yours! And if you’re someone that uses Grokker let me know which video(s) is (are) your favourite and why – I’m always looking for new ways to keep fitness and nutrition exciting!

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