Summer Hair Care: The Absolute Essentials


There are so many great things about the summertime – The sun is shining, the water is warm, and people seem to just be generally happier than they are any other time of the year. And who could blame them? (At least here in Canada) the warm weather and copious amounts of sunshine are fairly short-lived and we want to bask in every bit of it. One thing some people don’t realize though is that they might need to change up their summer hair care routine in order to keep their tresses long and shiny.

Thing is, the UV rays from that lovely sunshine can wreak havoc on our hair, especially if we’re not careful. As of this morning, my hair measures 36 inches long, which puts it just below my hips. It wouldn’t have grown this long if I hadn’t taken steps to protect it from the elements and extreme temperatures, so I think it’s safe to say that I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to keeping your locks shiny and healthy.

Here’s My Summer Hair Care Checklist:

A Good Quality Oil

hairThis is an especially important item to have if you’re someone that prefers the pool over the lake, but it’ equally important to have if you’re going to be spending any great amount of time out in the sun without a hat or scarf to offer you protection from the sun’s harmful rays (otherwise you’re likely to end up with dry, damaged hair).

Just about any oil will work, but I prefer the smell and complete coverage that coconut oil provides. Nutiva  is my personal favourite brand – it’s available almost everywhere and smells diving – but any oil really will do.

A Silk Scarf

hair1Sometimes the day gets away from us and we don’t realize that we’re actually going to be out and about for thirteen hours instead of one. Hats sometimes make me feel even hotter (and truthfully I’m not a huge fan of the tan lines they can produce), but I always keep a silk scarf in my purse to wrap around my tresses whenever this happens.

Silk is soft enough for your hair, breathable enough to not overheat you, and it comes in so many colours and patterns that you can find one to match whatever it is you happen to be wearing.

A Seamless Comb

hair2The comb and brush you use to detangle your hair probably more important than you think they’d be. If your comb isn’t seamless (aka if It has places that your hair can catch on and snag), detangling can be super painful and most of the time, even damaging.

This one  is very similar to the one I use. I prefer a wide tooth comb because fine tooth ones tend to give me even more tangles, and the sandalwood scent is ever so slight, yet very welcome.

A Good Quality Brush

hair3Just like with the comb, it’s important to make sure that the brush you’re using is working with you as opposed to against you. I use a boar bristle brush (quite similar to this one to keep my hair shiny and distribute the natural sebum to my ends (which not only protects them but keeps my hair super soft and shiny).

If you’re going to choose to invest in a boar bristle brush, please remember that you’re going to have to completely detangle your hair with something else before you go ahead and start using it – They’re meant to distribute sebum; they’re not great detanglers (and can actually cause quite a bit of damage if you try to use them as such).

And An Amazing Conditioner

hair4Depending on your hair type/texture, what conditioner you use will vary. During the hot summer months, I find that my hair simply screams out for moisture. I’ve tried just about every type of conditioner out there – from the extremely expensive to the incredibly cheap – but the one I keep going back to is Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. You can get a huge bottle of it for a great price (which is awesome when you need to use as much of it as I do) and it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth.

There are a few other things that I like to have on hand, but these are my absolute essentials. What are your summer hair care must have items? Let us know in the comments section below.

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