The Carrot Diet: Rabbit food for Weight loss

Physicians and nutritionists constantly praise carrots. They are also frequently included in diet meal plans, and this happens for good reason. Carrots contain only low amounts of fat and carbohydrates but a large amount of iodine, a wide array of vitamins (A, B, D, E, K, PP), lecithin, ascorbic acid, and sterols.

The rich amount of carotene transformed to vitamin A by the liver enzymes makes the carrot an exceptional immunomodulator. The fiber contained in carrots help regulate digestion and prevent related diseases such as ulcer, constipation, and hemorrhoids. The carrot’s powerful combination of vitamins and nutrients prevents cardiovascular diseases, cancer, cataracts, and digestive problems and improves eyesight and skin condition, among other benefits.

Carrot diet benefits

Carrot Juice

The Carrot Diet can be considered a bit boring since you’ll eat few other foods except them, but it lasts 3 days and it’s an easy way to get rid of a few pounds and cleanse your body.

The first rule is to drink carrot juice on an empty stomach in the morning. You can use either a juicer, a blender a food processor or grate the carrots and squeeze them manually, just make sure to drink it fresh.

Grated Carrots

Breakfast should be light, consisting of unsweetened tea (flavor of your choice) and a salad made of grated carrots, a bit of olive oil, salt and lemon juice. Optionally you can combine it with fruits like oranges and apples or vegetables such as cabbage, celery and lettuce.

Lunch consists of one slice of toasted whole-wheat bread with vegetable soup(that also contains carrots)/steamed (or boiled) carrots/carrot salad. Since you’ll need to eat a low amount of fat for the carrots to be optimally assimilated, make sure you add one tablespoon of olive oil in your meal.

At dinner, you should eat a carrot-based vegetable soup and a small cup of whole wheat couscous or brown rice to satisfy your appetite and keep your stomach full longer.

Carrots at Market

During the day, you can only drink water or unsweetened green tea. The Carrot Diet is pretty restrictive thus it only lasts 3 days. The only exception is drinking the carrot juice in the morning. This is an excellent homeopathic treatment to improve your sight, skin, and general state of health. For the best effect, drink the juice for 10 days, pause the treatment for 4-5 days, and repeat twice.

On the fourth day, continue to follow the same rules but add some potatoes and lean meat at lunch to make a smooth return to normal eating habits. Even though this is a short-term diet, if you have any health issues, it is best to avoid it or at least consult your physician on the matter.

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