Things You Can Learn from Naturally Thin People

Everyone knows at least one slender friend or acquaintance who can surprise us by turning down even the tastiest treat. It can be quite frustrating to see someone who doesn’t necessarily work or count calories, macros, and whatnot succeed so well in maintaining an ideal weight.

It seems that people see food differently than the rest of us. While being thin is not equal to being healthy, those who are both share some similar traits and habits. Here are the best ones you can try to follow:

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They don’t diet

Naturally slim people aren’t constantly scouting the Internet, health magazines…etc for the latest diet craze. They don’t need to. They are not at risk of experiencing the Yo yo effect of going on and off from diets and watching themselves fail repeatedly.

Thin people don’t restrict themselves from most foods so they don’t experience the related frustration and become prone to overeating.

They eat when they’re hungry

This might seem like such an easy thing to do, but when are you truly hungry? For naturally slim people, hunger is not a motive to panic. They don’t run towards food at the first sign of hunger. They tolerate it for a little while so when they eat, they do it for a very good reason. This is not something done on purpose, it’s more of a habit rooted so deep, most thin people don’t even realize they’re doing it.

They choose normal-sized portions

And they know exactly what that “normal size” is. Thin people know the quantity of food they need to become satisfied, but not full, and avoid any digestive havoc that may come with overeating. If you’re still having trouble determining how much food you need to eat during a meal, try experimenting. Start by cutting off 15% of your usual portions and adjusting as needed.

They don’t think about food all the time

Sure, some thin people have a complete lack of appetite, but most of them do enjoy food. However, they don’t fantasize about food all day long. They only think about it when it’s time to eat it or cook it. They’re usually preoccupied with many other things in life to spend all day thinking of food.

Also, naturally slim people don’t hold food diaries, count calories, follow strict meal plans, or gaze at the clock all the time to see when they “have” to eat the next snack or meal. All of these things combined are part of many diets and weight-loss plans, and they might work to some extent, but at the cost of thinking of food way too often throughout the day.

They move a lot

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Slim people are active, far from the notion of couch potato, although not necessarily fitness addicts. Any kind of physical activity burns calories, even if you can’t define it as a workout. Naturally thin people always find something to do and sit down less often than the rest of us. You could say they’re following an exercise plan, but not knowingly.

They sleep more

Researchers from the Eastern Virginia Medical School found that thin women sleep 2 more hours a week compared to overweight people. They also say lack of sleep can be linked to increased levels of ghrelin (appetite-boosting hormone) and decreased leptin (appetite-suppressing hormone).

When you think about it, 2 extra hours of sleep per week means sleeping 17 minutes more daily. Getting approximately 8 hours of sleep is vital for physiological repair, cognitive function, emotional well-being, and overall health. Sleep deprivation can impair brain function, mood, immune response, and hormonal balance, increasing the risk of chronic diseases and accidents.

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