9 Tips to help you lose weight permanently


Doctors, your family, friends, the Internet and everyone else has probably given you weight loss advice. While some of their recommendations might actually work, it’s not easy to lose weight permanently.

Perhaps some of the strategies you’ve tried helped you lose a significant number of pounds, but once you stopped following a diet or an eating plan, they were quick to return.

How to lose weight permanently

If you’re looking to lose weight permanently, you’ll need to change your goals in order to succeed. Here are some tried and true tips to help you get back in shape and stay that way.

1. Think long-term

lose weight permanently

If you adopt a new diet, exercise plan or anything in between, you must first think if they’re sustainable in the long run. No matter how effective they are, if you can’t stick to these new habits for life you will eventually end up gaining back all the weight you’ve lost.

For this reason, it’s better to adhere to a healthier and more active lifestyle – it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan (you definitely should), but make sure you can actually stick to it.

2. Find meaningful goals

Many people are tempted to lose weight simply to improve their appearance. But such goals don’t have staying power. Try to find more meaningful goals that will make you feel accomplished such as having more energy, getting a better night’s rest and even improving your mood. Weight-loss and regular exercise can do all of the above and much more so why focus on just your looks?

3. Start with small steps

A dramatic lifestyle change is not necessarily a recipe for failure but it certainly can be. Make the transitioning towards a healthier lifestyle easier by taking small steps such as drinking more water, walking more often and getting enough sleep. You’ll be surprised how these small but important details will help you reach bigger goals.

4. Pay attention to your hunger

If you’re having problems with your appetite it’s best to eat when you’re hungry but not famished to prevent overeating. If you’re not very hungry but you know you won’t be able to eat later, have a small snack to avoid getting too hungry.

5. Exercise is not punishment

permanent weight loss

I think too many people consider physical activities as something necessary but unpleasant. If you’re tempted to think this way you’ll never be able to stick to a regular workout routine in the long run. Find a sport or a workout you enjoy and think of it as a challenge, not a chore.

If you try to constantly improve you will see far greater results regarding weight-loss but you will also benefit from psychological accomplishments.

6. Learn from your mistakes

Whatever you’ve done in the past to lose weight and didn’t work, don’t do it again! It can be tempting to repeat a mistake if you know it worked for other people, but there is no magic weight loss recipe that works for everyone.

7. Value your sleep

If there’s something that can mess up the human body it’s the lack of sleep. Not enough rest leads to hormone imbalances which affect us in so many ways from eating habits to inflammation and slowing down our metabolism. Even if you’ve successfully managed to eat healthily and workout regularly, lack of sleep can ruin your efforts.

8. Mindful eating is the best diet

lose weight for good

Some diets undeniably work, but the easiest one to follow is mindful eating. It has nothing to do with your food choices (although focusing on whole, single ingredient foods and home-cooked meals is still recommended) but with the way you eat. Don’t eat in a hurry, chew your food slowly and enjoy your food. Eating at a slower pace will allow your stomach to signal your brain that it’s full so you’ll be less prone to overeating.

9. Prepare for plateaus

There will be times when your weight-loss will come to a halt, you might even gain back a few pounds but don’t use a plateau to quit your healthy lifestyle. Focus on all your achievements, not the goals you haven’t been able to reach yet. There is no perfect weight-loss journey – if you acknowledge this you won’t have any disappointments those times when the scale doesn’t budget and you’ll be able to keep going. Eventually, you’ll push through the plateau and turn it into a slightly unpleasant memory.

I hope our tips will help you lose weight permanently and realize that it’s not something impossible. It just takes time and patience but feeling like a new and better person is always worth the effort!