17 Aromatic Essential Oils To Bring The Christmas Spirit Into Your Home


The tree is up, the gifts are wrapped, and you’ve checked your list twice but it still feels like something’s missing – The smell of holiday spirit.

Unless you happen to have a real tree up (which needs to be watered daily and causes a whole lot of mess), the only time it smells like the holidays in your house is when you’re baking (and that scent dissipates a lot quicker than you’d like it to).

Luckily, there are a ton of essential oils that you can use to make your house smell like the holidays! They’re much better for you than most scented candles, and one bottle can go a long way. Here’s a handy list of scents you can use that will have your house smelling like the holiday season in no time – Use them on their own or mix a couple together to create your own unique scent.


There are few scents that are more holiday-like than cinnamon. This essential oil is peppery, earthy, spicy, and slightly woodsy.

It can be a relatively costly oil, but the amount of time the bottle will last will make the small investment more than worth it. It can be mixed with other essential oils or used on its own to create a unique heavenly scent.


Ginger is another incredibly seasonal scent. It’s spicy and warming and pairs incredibly well with citrus and other spice oils. The scent is energizing and uplifting and can make your house smell incredible.

When diffused, ginger oil can help ease nausea and motion sickness, so if you have family traveling from far away to visit you and they have children that get car sick, you’re definitely going to want to have some of this on hand. Stay away from using this one topically – It’s pretty potent.

Fir needleFir Needle

If you didn’t get the chance to put up a real tree this year (because of allergies and/or not wanting to clean up the huge mess they create), this is an essential oil that you’re definitely going to want to invest in to get that ‘real tree scent’.

Diffusing fir needle essential oil can also help with colds and flus. When diluted in a carrier oil, it can be used to help ease arthritic aches and pains (and if you’re going to walk around smelling like a Christmas tree, there’s no better time than the present).

Atlas Cedarwood

Every little bit helps when it comes to curbing the stress of the holiday season; Atlas Cedarwood oil does exactly that. It’s got a wonderful scent – a couple of drops goes a long way – that can ground and calm you and might even help erase any negative thoughts you’re experiencing. The scent is woodsy and kind of masculine; it’s another one that works as an aphrodisiac.

Sweet orangeSweet Orange

Sweet orange oil is one of the most affordable essential oils available and it’s incredibly versatile. If you’ve mixed a couple of essential oils together and you think that it’s missing something but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, odds are that adding some orange oil into the mix will get you exactly the scent that you’re looking for.

It’s cheerful and uplifting, and can help take the stale smell out of a room that’s been smoked in.


Vanilla is another trusty holiday scent. Mix it with a few drops of sweet orange or ginger oil and everyone will be thinking you’re baking a large batch of cookies. Vanilla oil has so many benefits but its relaxing, antidepressive and antioxidant properties are among the most potent ones.

Just remember – you only get these benefits from the real thing so don’t settle for a lab synthesized copy.


If you’re someone that prefers a spicy scent, this is one that you’re going to love. It pairs beautifully with orange or bergamot oil and since it has a high Eugenol content, it does have antiviral properties (which is super helpful considering that we’re almost at the peak of cold and flu season.

It’s also been said that it’s a natural aphrodisiac (which is great on a cold winter’s night).

Scotch Pine

If you’d prefer to smell pine over fir, this is the essential oil you’ll want. It has a fresh, woody, early, balsamic scent that can mimic what a real Christmas tree smells like. I wouldn’t suggest mixing this with any other oil except for maybe cinnamon.


Anise smells like black licorice. Used by itself it can be a little overpowering (especially if you’re not a huge fan of black licorice to begin with), but when it’s added to an otherwise “dull” blend (aka you just feel like it’s missing something), it can add a wonderful depth.

Anise oil has calming properties (which can help those overexcited little ones drift off to sleep) and it is often use to help ease bronchitis, colds, and flus.


I absolutely love this essential oil because it’s so incredibly versatile – It can be used on its own or blended with other oils (spicy, citrusy, woodsy, and more!) to create a unique scent all your own. On it’s own, it’s got spicy sweet notes.

It’s perfect for use at this time of year because it can help combat fatigue, stress, and despair (and you know, all of those other wonderful things we feel this time of year). It also has aphrodisiac properties and is energizing and uplifting (so don’t use it at night unless you don’t plan on getting any sleep).


If you enjoy the scent of the nutmeg spice, you’re going to absolutely love the way that the essential oil smells – It’s richer and more fragrant. The scent is rich, spicy, sweet, and woodsy.

Nutmeg oil has a unique blend of phytochemicals with antibacterial and antiviral properties, which makes it a great choice during the cold season.

It also helps boost concentration, de-stress and improve your sleep quality.


Frankincense oil is grounding, calming, and relaxing. It’s earthy and woodsy while at the same time being kind of sweet and fruity. It’s also kind of spicy and warm, which is exactly what you want this time of year to help get you in the holiday spirit.

It can be used by itself to fragrance the room, and it blends incredibly well with others – Play around a little bit and I assure you that it won’t be long before you’ve found the blend that works best for you.


Not a fan of fir or pine but still want your house to smell like you’ve got a real tree up? Then this is the essential oil for you.

It’s perfect for using if you’re feeling stressed out and depressed and it’s a powerful disinfectant.

I wouldn’t recommend ever using this oil topically – It’s been known to cause skin irritation.


Juniper essential oil has antiseptic properties, so diffusing it can actually help rid the air of germs in your home (which is especially great if you’ve had a virus going around your house for a while). This is another oil that can help ease stress and calm you down after an especially hectic day (for instance, when you’ve had to battle the crowds in the stores).

The scent of juniper essential oil is woodsy, sweet, fresh, and crisp. It blends well with cedarwood and fir needle oil to create a wonderful holiday aroma.


I’ve never met someone that didn’t like the smell of peppermint. Peppermint oil is stimulating – so you should avoid using it before bedtime – and can also work as an aphrodisiac. Diffusing it could help relieve tension headaches.

This is one of the stronger scented oils; one drop is usually enough. It will definitely make your house smell of the holidays.


Spearmint oil has a minty, slightly fruity aroma. If you find that peppermint oil is a bit too strong for you, mix it with some spearmint oil to tone it down a bit (it also blends really well with rosemary, basil, orange, lavender, and bay).


Again, if you enjoy the smell of the herb you’re going to adore the way the essential oil smells. It can be mixed with others to create a unique holiday smell and can also help you feel better if you happen to be suffering from a cold and/or the flu.

Note: This oil should be avoided if you suffer from hypertension.

How to use these essential oils

Some essential oils are safe for internal and topical use. Nevertheless what we want here is to fill the house with a lovely scent to make Christmas feel even more ‘Christmas-y’. There are two easy ways to accomplish that.

Candle diffuserA diffuser

There are lots of different types of diffusers, but the most widely available (and inexpensive) are candle diffusers.

You won’t get too much of the essential oils’ therapeutic benefits with this kind of diffuser but it’ll do if all you want is some light background fragrancing. If you have a big house you may need more than one.

There are also electric heat diffusers, which I don’t recommend because the heat used to spread the aromatic compounds into the air also damages some of them.

And last, but definitely not least you can use a cool air nebulizing diffuser. These are the most expensive ones because they offer the strongest diffusion for maximum therapeutic benefits. Some of them have built-in timers to reduce the amount of used essential oil and to ensure the room doesn’t get over-saturated with a nausea-inducing smell.

DIY Room sprayDIY Room spray

Even if you’re using a diffuser you can always make a simple and cheap room spray with just 3 ingredients.

You can use spray this in the air, on your Christmas tree |(be it real or fake), on your couch, on your drapes and even on your pillow, to freshen them up. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A spray bottle with a fine mister
  • 1 part alcohol or vodka
  • 2 parts distilled water
  • 1 or more essential oils

Depending on the quantity you’re preparing you might want to add only a few drops of essential oils at first. For a 2-ounce bottle 10 drops of EO is a safe start. Then you can easily add more to reach the desired intensity. Alcohol is an important ingredient as it allows the essential oils to disperse into the liquid. Give the bottle a good shake after adding all the ingredients and before each use.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to experiment with some (or all) of these essential oils for scenting your home like the holidays, you’ll never want to buy another scented candle (that’s loaded with all kinds of chemical grossness) ever again.

What kinds of things do you do to make your home smell like the holidays? Let us know in the comments section!

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17 Aromatic Essential Oils To Bring The Christmas Spirit Into Your Home