17 Weight Loss Tips You Never Tried Before

weight loss tips

The basics of losing weight are fairly simple – Eat healthy, get active, and make sure that your state of mind is (at least almost) always in a good place because stress can equal weight gain. Take in fewer calories than you burn in a day. These are all valid weight loss tips and it seems simple enough, right?

Right. But it’s much easier said than done (especially if you’re super busy).

17 Lesser-Known Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

So I’ve compiled a list of several, lesser-known things you can do succeed in your weight loss journey. Here are some weight loss tips you never tried before and actually work. Incorporate a few (or all!) of these into your daily life and you’re sure to be successful!

1. Write Yourself Motivational Notes

tipsPost it notes cost next to nothing. Invest in a book or two of them and post your goals and aspirations all over your home and/or office to keep yourself on track. This idea works best when you post the reminders/goals in a place that you visit often such as your bathroom mirror, desk, refrigerator, snack cabinet, computer monitor, etc.

If sticky notes aren’t your thing, use a chalkboard instead – You can usually get a small one at the dollar store.

2. Go Shopping!

If you’re running around and/or working out in unflattering clothing, there’s a good chance that you probably don’t feel very good about yourself. But there’s an easy solution – Go shopping and get yourself something that you look and feel good in for working out! You’re more likely to succeed when you feel great about how you look. If you’re planning to lose a lot of weight, just go to your local second-hand store and save the big spending for when you’ve reached your goal (think of the extravagant purchase as a reward for all of your hard work).

3. Stop Thinking Weight Loss

If the only reason you’re working out is so that you can lose weight, you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure because the numbers on the scale can lie (most don’t take body composition, etc. into account). Think of all the other benefits that being active comes along with – improved mood, better self-esteem, fewer health risks, improved digestion, a strengthened immune system, longer life, and better sleep just to name a few – and you’re more likely to stick with it.

It seems ironic right? Don’t think about losing weight as you’re trying to do exactly that. However, this is definitely one of the best weight loss tips you could try, even if you’re probably going to need some time to adjust your thinking.

4. Organize Your Kitchen

tips1In a completely ideal world, all of the over processed junk food crap gets left on the grocery store shelves and your kitchen is stocked with nothing but healthy treats. In the real world, people have kids, spouses, and roommates that don’t necessarily have the same sort of healthy goals you do.If you’re living in the real world, try to clear yourself a separate space (in the cupboards, refrigerator, etc.) and stock your healthy foods there. If you don’t see the junk, you’re less likely to end up binging on it.

If you’re living in the real world, try to clear yourself a separate space (in the cupboards, refrigerator, etc.) and stock your healthy foods there. If you don’t see the junk, you’re less likely to end up binging on it.

5. Set Up A Reward System

People are far more likely to stick to their goals when they’re actually working toward something. I have a friend who put a dollar in a jar for every pound she lost, and it definitely kept her motivated to be able to physically see her progress (and when she finally reached her goals she had enough money saved to start investing in a new wardrobe). If the jar idea doesn’t impress you, just set a goal and then reward yourself with something – a new haircut, a spa day, new shoes, etc. – when you reach it. It’s the same principle.

6. Invest In A Stand Up Desk

weight loss tipsA lot of us (myself included) can’t help but stay attached to our computers day in and day out to get our work done. Because of this, we end up spending a ton of time sitting (and as I’ve mentioned before, a sedentary lifestyle kills more people than a lot of diseases do).Getting yourself a standing desk will help you naturally burn more calories as well as improve your posture and mood. There are various options available – such as

Getting yourself a standing desk will help you naturally burn more calories as well as improve your posture and mood. There are various options available – such as this wood one  and this more industrial looking one  – and most of them are height adjustable.

If you want to get really serious, consider investing in a treadmill desk  so that you can do cardio and work at the same time!

7. Make Yourself A Playlist For Your Workouts

You probably already listen to your favourite tunes while you’re working out, but if you make yourself a playlist that you only get to listen to while you’re breaking a sweat, you’ll likely find that you look forward to working out a whole lot more (what can I say? The human brain really likes a reward system). When you get bored of listening to the same old songs, simply update to a new, fresh playlist.

8. Keep Some Mouthwash Handy

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, mouthwash can actually help suppress the need to satisfy those sweet cravings. Pour some in various bottles and keep it wherever you usually end up caving into your cravings – The kitchen, the office, the car, etc. If you’re really crafty, make a label that says something like “magical appetite suppressant” to make it fun (you might just trick your brain into thinking it’s a magical potion that has the power to help you conquer your sweet tooth altogether!).

9. Amp Up Your Water

tips3Water is definitely a better choice than sweet sugary soda drinks, but only drinking water day in and day out can get a little boring after a while. If you’re too busy to cut up fresh produce to infuse  in your water every day, do this instead: Purchase and spend a few hours dicing up, at least, a month’s worth of fresh, organic produce and then freeze it. Add a few pieces to your water bottle every day to not only add flavour but to also keep your water cold for hours.

I’m sure you probably read dozens of weight loss tips touting water as some sort of magical cure that can fix everything. While this is greatly exaggerated, you still need to drink it, so find ways to make sure that you do!

10. Pick A Goal Outfit

Regardless of whether it’s a bikini, little black dress, or a pair of jeans that you haven’t fit into since before you had kids, pick out something and put it where you can see it every single day. It’ll help you stay on track. And who knows? You might even find that before you know it, even your goal outfit is a little loose on you (this recently happened to a friend of mine and she couldn’t have been more excited if she tried). Of all the weight loss tips you’re willing to try, make sure you have a few motivational ones. Nothing can keep you going like having a clear goal.

11. Be Prepared

A lot of people choose to work out in the morning because that’s when they have time to spare, yet not everyone’s a morning person. If you seem to skip your workouts due to lack of preparation, the fix is easy – Simply set up everything (that’s your workout clothing, water, post workout snack, iPod, etc.) the night before and have it ready to go for when you’re in your zombie state. Once you’re up, ready, and out the door, you’ll wake up quickly and feel great.

12. Be Proactive With Your Meals

tips4I know tons of people that end up loading up on seconds with dinner even though they’re not necessarily hungry just because the food is there and within reach. If you’re one of those people, consider taking care of/storing away the leftovers before you sit down to eat – You’re far less likely to go into the fridge and unpack everything.

13. Get An App For That

There are literally hundreds of different available weight loss trackers available on the Android and iOS markets, and most of them can be downloaded and used for free. Being able to actually track how you’re doing can go a long way towards your success, and all it takes is a few clicks a day.

14. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It’s easy to say “Oh she’s so skinny” or “I wish I could look like him”, but you’re not him or her, you’re you and you should aspire to be the very best ‘you’ you can be! Life is entirely too short for you to waste it wishing you were someone else or going to war with yourself. Instead of comparing, set realistic goals and you’ll be far more likely to see successful results.

15. Make Your Mental Health Just As Much A Priority

tips5Physical fitness is awesome, but good mental health will take you further in life than just about anything else. Meditation and yoga are an incredible help, but only if you know what you’re doing. Consider investing in a self-help book (Here’s a great one to get you started) that can teach you the importance of gratitude and you’ll soon find that life isn’t as difficult as you think it is, regardless of your predicament.

16. Sleep In A Cold Room

When you turn your thermostat down at night, not only will you save money; you’ll force your body to turn on its internal furnace and, in turn, you’ll burn more calories. From the myriad weight loss tips out there, losing weight as you sleep sure sounds like one of the best you could possibly try!

17. Get More Sleep

tips6Getting enough sleep is important for a wide variety of reasons. I am convinced that one of the best weight loss tips anyone should follow, going to bed at a decent time will help ensure that you don’t stay up and snack on junk food just because you’re awake.

With these seventeen weight loss tips in mind, your weight loss journey can not only be successful but also a ton of fun! What sorts of things do you do to make sure that you stay on track when you’re trying to shed pounds? We always love to hear new tips and tricks from our readers, so let us know in the comments section below.

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