Zumba Workout Fever: How to Join the Global Fitness Party Phenomenon

Born in the 1990s, Zumba’s combination of Latin dance moves with aerobics successfully turned it into a worldwide phenomenon. This popular workout, best described as a “fitness party” can burn fat and tone the body just like any other workout. Zumba’s main advantage is that it can provide a good cardio workout in a fun atmosphere and makes the physical exercise more enjoyable.

The Zumba Fitness Party

Aqua Zumba

The basic moves of Zumba come from Latin dances, such as salsa, merengue, and cumbia. Later on, other music rhythms have been incorporated into Zumba workouts, from hip hop and reggaeton to belly dancing and flamenco.

Normally, a Zumba class lasts one hour and alternates periods of high-intensity exercise with periods of lower intensity. The exercises are routines consisting of simple dance moves, supported accordingly by musical rhythms. It usually follows the typical format that includes a warm-up and stretching between exercises. While some of the moves can be physically challenging, all of them are fairly easy to learn.

Zumba instructors don’t talk too much during the workout as they lead their class using hand and body signs. In terms of intensity, there are many types of Zumba classes: the normal, classic Zumba, Zumba Gold for senior citizens, Zumbatomic for children, Zumba Toning, which puts an emphasis on body sculpting, Aqua-Zumba performed in swimming pools, and others.

The intensity of the class can also vary from one instructor to another. That is why it’s hard to define the average number of calories burned per Zumba class. There are also other factors that affect how many calories one consumes during a Zumba workout, such as weight, class duration, and whether the exercises are properly executed or not.

Is Zumba right for me?

Zumba Gold

While very popular, the Zumba workout does have its limitations, and some would prefer another type of physical activity. Nonetheless, Zumba has a few important advantages that make it suitable for so many people.

– It is perfect for people who don’t enjoy traditional workouts such as weightlifting and running. Zumba’s fitness exercises are presented as dance moves that feel more like fun and less like punishment.

– Performed on a regular basis and combined with a proper diet, Zumba is an effective way to lose weight.

– Music is the anti-boredom factor that makes people come back to Zumba classes. Lots of individuals are unable to stick to a regular workout schedule because they are actually bored by the physical activities they choose.

– The variety of Zumba classes provides workouts with variable intensity, to suit all fitness levels. Beginners shouldn’t have problems finding an appropriate class so it’s a good way to quit a sedentary lifestyle.

– You can attend a Zumba class with your friends and turn it into a social activity.

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